4 tips to surviving your first semester at CofC

Transitioning from high school to college is harder than it may seem. It is an exciting to be away from home and to make new friends and create new memories.

Going to school at America’s Most Beautiful College Campus is going to be one of the most exciting times in your life and going to school in Charleston’s Historic District is amazing in itself.

But once the excitement wears down and the real workload along with homesickness kicks in, there are a few things you should remember to make college as easy as possible.


Get Organized

You will quickly be able to differentiate college from high school. College is a totally different ball games where the professors do not babysit you about upcoming assignments.

Each professor will present you with a syllabus, basically describing to you how the class will run and exact dates that assignments are due. The easiest thing to do in college is to procrastinate, don’t!

Buy planners and keep up with each assignment as their due and give yourself enough time to get them done in a timely manner.


It’s Ok to cry

College is stressful and the challenges are going to come each semester. It is going to be hard but it is ok. You are not alone.

Get to know your classmates because you’ll feel so much better knowing someone else is having the same issues.

There will be times you’ll feel like it has gotten the best of you, but don’t give up. These things only make you stronger.


Use your resources

College of Charleston offers many ways for students to academically achieve. The Center for Student Learning offers of variety of labs specifically for your questions in math, science, English and public speaking.

There are always people who will help you with study skills, time management, note taking, etc.

Get to know your professors, it is so important because even though the class may seem rough, they oftentimes want you to do well so they will always be available to help.

Pay attention to your emails, and ALWAYS use your professor’s office hours.


Have fun!

College is supposed to be the best time of our lives. Get involved around campus! Join a sorority or a club of your interest.

The College of Charleston has more than 240 clubs and organizations to get involved in, so there is something for everybody.

Use this as a way to destress from those tough classes and to meet new people!

After all, you go to school in Charleston, there’s always something to do, somewhere to go or something to see. Waterfront Park, the Pineapple Fountain, and you can’t go wrong at Folly Beach.

College is what you make it, so make it the best years of your life.


by Ashley Rayford

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