5 reasons CofC needs a football team

Growing up I remember making a lot of great memories with my family. Some of the best come from watching the college bowl games as we put up our Christmas tree, or watching the Clemson-Carolina game with bated breath. While I have pleasant memories of attending the College of Charleston’s basketball games as well, I […]

5 lessons learned from playing sports

From a very early age, athletics were a central part of my life. Many of the experiences I faced while playing sports are similar to the challenges life throws at me still. It wasn’t until I reached my early 20s that I realized how participating in sports has shaped the person I am today. Here are […]

13 reasons you (should) want to watch NASCAR this season

  NASCAR is loved by many and hated by most. It is known as the redneck sport that has rowdy fans with a drinking problem. But the sport contains some of the most loyal and dedicated fans of any sport in America. The 2015 season is upon us, and it is already looking to be one of […]