7 reasons to love the South

I grew up in the small town of Conway, S.C., 15 minutes outside of Myrtle Beach. I have always loved the South, and I am proud of where I come from. Conway is full of history and is just an awesome place. One of my favorite things about my town is the sense of community. […]

16 problems Jersey kids have in the South

A lot of students from the North migrate to the South for college. Whether it is to get away from home, see some real football, enjoy the more realistic cost of living, or just bask in the sun,  there is still culture shock. Here are 16 “problems” us Jersey kids face down South. by Mary Alice Gardner  

Five signs you’re a Yankee transplanted in the South

  Whether it be for school, business or pleasure, a northerner’s migration to the South is not always easy. There are a number of customs, sayings and surprises that may get your “britches in a bunch.” So for those of you “Yankees” just visiting or recently arriving for an extended stay, here are some helpful […]

Five Southern Belles who are changing the world

by Ellinor Walters The role of the “Southern Belle” has recently come under fire, embellishing the stereotype and creating a false narrative about the type of woman a Southern Belle really is. Contrary to the stereotype, it’s not about who you marry or what Greek letter you wear. Being a Southern Belle is about holding […]