Five signs you’re a Yankee transplanted in the South


Whether it be for school, business or pleasure, a northerner’s migration to the South is not always easy.

There are a number of customs, sayings and surprises that may get your “britches in a bunch.”

So for those of you “Yankees” just visiting or recently arriving for an extended stay, here are some helpful insights most Yanks wish they knew prior to making a big move below the Mason-Dixon Line.

The Southern vernacular is incomprehensible at times.


“Bless your heart” is not actually a blessing. It is a Southerner’s way of insulting you but with a charming, Southern twist.

“You guys” is replaced with “ya’ll.” When referring to a short amount of time, “a hot minute” will suffice.

Instead of grabbing a shopping cart, you use a “buggy” while cruising down the aisles of BI-LO or Harris Teeter.


Learn to like your food fried, sweet or covered in butter.


Down South, fried chicken is customary, and whoever first decided to put fried chicken on waffles, covered in syrup, is a genius.

Shrimp and grits, a Southern breakfast staple, is sometimes a shock to those not accustomed to eating their seafood mixed with ground corn kernels.

And no, sorry, Cheerwine is not a joyful alcoholic beverage, but rather, the South’s version of a Northerner’s beloved Dr. Pepper.

And as Paula Deen, the butter queen, would agree, a good Southern dish can never have enough butter!


No, a chaco is not a chocolate taco.


Contrary to popular belief, “chacos” are not a vanilla ice cream treat covered in a crunchy shell. They are a hiking sandal adorned by Southern sorority girls, kids and even adults. You also better get used to pink, yellow and lime green, because if Lilly Pulitzer claims those colors in one’s wardrobe are cool, it’s cool.

If you hear anyone talking about a pair of rainbows, they are not referring to a double rainbow. In the South, they are a flip-flop sported by people of all ages.


College football trumps the NFL – always.


There are three seasons in The South- spring, summer and college football. University ball is almost as big as the rivalries themselves. Forget Bears vs. Packers or Broncos vs. Patriots.

The biggest rivalries Southern football fans are concerned with are Auburn vs. Georgia or Clemson vs. USC.

My fellow Yankees, be prepared to trade in your Bears jersey for a Gamecocks or Tigers one because your next tailgate will most likely be at a university stadium, not Soldier Field.


YOU’RE the one with the weird accent


If you are from a region known for its distinct dialect, your accent will not go unnoticed.

Do not be surprised if a Southerner asks if you are from a foreign country. They might act perplexed when you refer to your parents as “mahm” and “Dayid” or when you ask for a glass of “wutter.”

Regardless of the fact that they are the ones whose “ing’s” and “th’s” magically disappear while speaking, do not forget you are the one in foreign territory, thus, your accent is the weird one.

by Hannah Star





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