Top 8 NFL big-name trades, free agency signings that will dramatically change the 2022 season

By Caroline Meuller The 2022 NFL offseason has been arguably the most eventful in the last few years. It seems that every day there is a new big-name trade or free agency signing that could potentially alter the trajectory of multiple teams this upcoming season. In no particular order, here are eight of the craziest, […]

Why Cam Newton should not be the Patriots new QB

Tom Brady has packed up his bags and finished his run with the New England Patriots, causing a big stir in the world of professional football.  The real question is, what does head coach Bill Belichick have up his sleeve for the Patriots?  Knowing Belichick, it’s probably something good, but it should not be Cam […]

5 most notable NFL players changing teams in 2019

As the NFL gets set to kick off the 2019 Draft this weekend, it’s important to note which veteran players have changed teams and how that impacts the needs on any given team’s roster. Teams are constantly trying to improve their roster to win games. The players are more complicated: Some are looking for the […]

5 times NFL referees screwed up (maybe) the call

Being a referee in the National Football League is hard. The officials are under the scrutiny of every single person watching the football game – and often for days afterward.   These refs are only human, so they are bound to make a few mistakes –  but one bad call could ruin any referee’s reputation […]

How to fix NFL’s Pro Bowl

  The National Football League’s Pro Bowl sounds like a football fan’s dream – the best players in the league playing against each other. What could be better? As it turns out, a lot. Those familiar with the annual all-star NFL event know very well the overall “meh” feeling that fans experience from the game. […]

The NBA is the best American sports league, and here’s why

The National Basketball Association is one of the most underappreciated sports leagues in America. Most don’t pay attention to the games being played until after the NFL season has ended , college basketball’s March Madness has come to an end, and there is nothing else to watch on TV. But what fans are missing by […]

7 breakout players to add to your fantasy football team before your opponents do

Now that 10 weeks of the season has passed, it’s a good bet that at least part of the fantasy football team you drafted is either underperforming or injured. Of course, it’s what you do now that’s going to make or break your season. So here are seven players you should consider trading for or adding to […]

5 players to watch on the red-hot Philadelphia Eagles team

The Philadelphia Eagles just rolled into 8-3 with a thumping of the Tennessee Titans. If you’re a football fan, then you better make yourself familiar with these Eagles players because they are for real. With Chip Kelly holding the reigns for a second year the Eagles are looking to do something special this season. And if […]