Five low-cost, low-effort tips for self care during Quarantine 

In these unprecedented times, it is increasingly more important to look out for your own physical and mental well-being.

For many people around the world that are dealing with the financial and emotional strain of the new normal, stress and anxiety levels are at an all time high.

Everybody could use a little bit of calm and escape from reality right now. Take a deep breath – here are five ways you can practice self care at home with little to no cost or effort.

Sit in the sun

While social distancing protocols call for isolation at home, try to have some time “outdoors” for at least 20 minutes a day to maintain a sense of normalcy. Whether that outdoors is just a cracked window in your apartment, sitting on your porch, or a walk outside ( while staying six feet away from others ), a little bit goes a long way. The daily dose of Vitamin D will have you feeling refreshed and extremely grateful for all that lies outside of the confines of your home. You can read more about the mental health benefits of sunlight here.

Take up yoga

The health benefits of yoga are endless- and another bonus is that you can do it practically anywhere. All you need is an empty space, a good mindset, and something comfortable on. To amp up your zen space, maybe light a candle and brew a cup of tea. Ta-da! If you are looking for more of a workout, there are tons of streamed classes right now on numerous free platforms. To learn more about what yoga does to your brain, check out this article.

Learn fun makeup techniques

There has never been a better time to get creative and experiment in the makeup world. That one look on your favorite celebrity that you always said you wish you could pull off? Try now! Playing around with makeup can be a form of art and expression, while giving you a much needed confidence boost. Check out platforms such as YouTube or Pinterest for tutorials and ​inspiration.

Take a mindful bath or shower

Most people rush through a simple shower, as it is often grouped in with other nagging routines throughout the day. Next time you are taking a shower, try to be mindful of the feelings and sensations around you. Take it as an opportunity for a meditation, which will further better your mental health and help with stress and anxiety. If you have a bath available to you, the healing powers of a bubble bath are no secret. Here is an easy guide to meditation​in the bath or shower.

FaceTime friends and family

In this period of isolation, it is helpful to keep up with the people in our lives that we are apart from and stay social. The beauty of the inner connected and fast paced society we live in today is the ability to reach the people we need and love in a split second. Arrange FaceTime dates with friends or loved ones that are also alone, and get creative! Happy hour with the girls can go virtual, or maybe start up a book club with your family that you’re far away from. Find out more about how facetiming can change social distancing for the better.

by Olivia Constance Melvin


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