5 ways to keep your tropical plants looking great

Caring for houseplants is becoming more and more popular, leading many to wish to create their own tropical garden in their living rooms.

And many novice house planters covet tropical plants such as fiddle leaf figs, monsteras and rubber trees because of their beauty and ability to brighten up a room.

But while they are gorgeous, they can sometimes be difficult to grow.

Fortunately, most tropical plants need the same care, and as long as they have consistency, good light and care, they should thrive.

So here are five tips for giving your tropical plants the best care possible:

Proper Pot Size

Potting your tropical plant is the first step in plant parenthood and can also be the most difficult.

A healthy plant needs adequate room for its root system, but too big of a pot can lead to too much water retention and rotting roots.

As a rule of thumb, it’s wise to only go up two inches in diameter.

If you’re stuck, you can always use a YouTube video as a guide.

Well-draining soil

After you’ve found the best pot for your plant, it’s important to educate yourself about potting soil.

Tropical plants need well-draining soil.

Well-draining soil is readily available, or you can make your own to get the perfect mix.

Indirect light

Tropical plants are used to jungle light and like bright light, but need to be a couple feet away from a window.

Houseplants do best with South or East facing windows but can tolerate most light.

If you’re worried about the lighting in your house, you can look into grow lights and indoor lighting for your plants.

Light is food for plants as they need it to photosynthesize, so proper lighting is a must for house plants.

Consistent watering

Watering is almost as important for your plants as light.

While it’s better to treat each plant individually, creating a watering schedule can be beneficial for new plant owners.

Avid plant owner Hilton Carter cherishes his Sunday watering schedule.

It gives him a dedicated time to give his plants attention, check for bugs and check up on the foliage.

Love and good vibes

Lots of plant owners (and some scientists) will tell you that plants grow better with extra love.

At the very least, plants benefit from extra attention because the plant owners can look at the plant and spot any potential issues.

Plants have been proven to improve our mental health. By having a living thing to give attention to and to see grow, houseplant owners feel particularly invested in the well-being of their plants.

Owning tropical plants improves your space and your mental health.

While buying a plant may seem intimidating at first, following a few crucial steps is the key to successful plants.

by Zoe Murrie

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