9 everyday things that cause climate change – and you can fix

Common things we are doing every day are speeding up climate change at unhealthy rates. 

The good news is that from just remembering to turn lights and electronics off when not using them to bringing your own grocery bags are some of the easy ways to keep this planet healthy.

Read this list to become aware and educated about how to change your habits.

Let’s fight climate change together.

Leaving the lights on

Power plants are burning more fuel to create more energy so you can leave your lights on! This leads to extra carbon waste and trapped heat. Greenhouse gases are a big no-no!


Taking too many flights

The majority of aviation forms emit carbon dioxide. Therefore, it makes sense that aircraft emissions have a warming effect. This accounts for 4-9% of climate change. Planes accelerate global warming and ocean acidification. 


Driving your car every day

Car emissions can cause smog, a dangerous weather condition that reduces visibility and poses a health threat. Also… greenhouse gases are a big no-no!


Going fishing

The occasional fishing trip with your old man can’t hurt but, watch out for overfishing! We are losing entire species and ecosystems because of this issue. The overall unity of our ocean is at risk.


Throwing away your junk mail

Throwing away junk mail leads to 51 million metric tons of greenhouse gases per year! That is more cars than LA and NY combined…


Using plastic grocery bags

It takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce the 30 million plastic bags Americans use each year! This is leading to a huge carbon dioxide build-up in the atmosphere.


Eating chocolate

About half of the world’s chocolate production is done in West African countries where rising temperatures are leading to crop failure which sadly means the cocoa supply could run short soon. The biggest issue here is the deforestation that is happening in order to have more space to plant cocoa. It is beginning to ruin entire forest ecosystems.


Eating a lot of meat

Raising livestock to be killed and sold to our grocery stores contributes to about a third of the agriculture industry’s greenhouse gas emissions! Consumers have all the power in being able to reduce the demand for meat! Let’s go vegetarian.


Mowing your lawn

All those lawn mowers and leaf blowers, as well as other gas-powered equipment, emits (you guessed it!) greenhouse gases.

by Caitlin Swirlbul 


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