Take COVID19 seriously – and stay home

I know that while the topic of COVID-19 is very serious, it is also very tired. 

I find myself forgetting what I used to talk about with friends and family before I was placed in a cage by Mother Nature or the powers that be.

It has become very apparent that humans don’t like to be caged, especially in Western civilization, and I find it particularly interesting how the American public is reacting to such a sudden halt to modern life.  

Given that our culture is centered around constant momentum of our daily routines meant to achieve the “American Dream,” staying in the present moment is tough.

While  “quarantine” and “social distancing”  to many just seems to mean using hand sanitizer and hanging out with only their friends, these directives are to fight a serious health threat and need to be taken seriously.   

This laissez-faire approach to the guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention seems to be common in our country and is rapidly fueling the death of our species at a more rapid rate than any other country has experienced. 

And while this topic may be tired, the enemy isn’t. 

Being isolated  doesn’t make you a loser, it makes you a citizen. Not going to the gym doesn’t make you fat, it makes you a fighter.

We have come together, in fact, not just as a nation but as a species to form an infantry.

So please stay home because my life depends on you. You are my protector, and I am grateful. 

Just as you are my protector, your neighbor is your gunman. Your mother watches your “six” and your best friend takes down the enemy right before they claim your life. 

What is the  weapon? Isolation. 

Staying isolated is kind, fierce, moral, brave, powerful. 

So when you sit alone on your couch, eating Doritos™ and feeling sorry for yourself, close your eyes and put on your combat boots. 

Pick up your weapon and get ready to face the enemy because we are at war, and it is by no means for the weak-hearted.

You aren’t fighting to plant a flag in the ground or for the glory of another man, you are fighting for the lives of not only your loved ones, but for me and mine.

 You are fighting for humanity,  and you will be rewarded for your strength by having the honor of watching your children grow up in a world you fought to protect for them. 

Just because your weapon looks different doesn’t make you any less of a soldier. 

Stay home. 

by Blake Chapin


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