5 best coffee shops in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina, is a great place to get a buzz – but not  just from alcohol. 

The coffee options in Charleston make getting a good caffeine buzz well worth the effort as there are many quaint places to enjoy a cup with friends, or simply while reading a book of your choosing.  

Follow this list of the five best coffee shops to find the perfect cup in the Lowcountry. 


Harken Cafe

Harken is ranked No. 1 due to its unique interior, fantastic treats and lattes.

The interior is paneled with textured shiplap, and a bronze cappuccino machine catches customers’ eyes as they first step through the doors.

The coffee is amazing, but the handmade baked goods are even better.

Located about two blocks from the pineapple fountain downtown, this serves as a great place for sipping…and even strolling.


Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer

Kudu comes in at a close second because of its impeccable iced coffee and charming courtyard. 

This Vanhorst Street coffeehouse not only has delicious ham and cheese croissants, but it  also offers craft beers for those who want something a little stronger than coffee. 

The vibe is casual as students flow in and out for study breaks, and dogs can always be found in the courtyard. 



Huriyali is another favorite of Charleston locals with its health-conscious and locally sourced fare. 

Huriyali is placed farther from the main drag of downtown but provides a retreat from the busy lives of those who reside there.

This coffee shop almost feels like a spiritual experience due to the whimsical outdoor seating and vines growing up the outer walls. 

Fans of Acai will love Huriyali because it offers a wide variety of bowls and toppings. 


Queen Street Grocery

Although Queen Street Grocery is not the quintessential coffee shop, it does an amazing job of serving up a cup of joe.

Queen Street has an impeccable ambiance considering it used to be an old bodega, and the classic charm has certainly not worn off.

While visiting Queen Street Grocery a hazelnut and strawberry crepe must be purchased to accompany the cup of coffee. 

Queen Street also decorates its walls with old metal signs that certainly take customers back to a time long ago. 


The Rise

The Rise comes in fifth, but certainly not least with its cold brew that will quite literally knock your socks off.

For those who enjoy an utterly jolting morning brew with a modern vibe, The Rise is the place to be. 

Located on Wentworth and King, it is a great place to stop before a round of power shopping.

by Makenna Grierson

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