How to practice self care during quarantine

COVID-19 has become a hindrance to everyday routines, causing shutdowns of businesses of all kinds and creating high anxiety across the globe. Quarantine has been in effect for nearly a month, and the laundry list of “things to do” has come to an end.

With anxiety at its highest, what better thing to do than practice self-care? During these times it is easy to wallow and let ourselves go.

So here are some things you can do to ensure a clear and healthy mind among the uncertainty going on in the world today.


Meditation can seem like an obvious answer to soothe anxiety. But, not many people do it right. Meditation can ease anxiety and clear your mind by just sitting still and being quiet. Even if you think you are meditating, you may not be allowing yourself to fully commit.  There are many apps out there to help with beginner meditation such as Calm and Headspace. With all of the stressors in the world right now, one thing we can do is to be still and learn to be mindful.

Do a facemask

In today’s world, the word “facemask” can have two very separate meanings. We are not talking about a medical facemask, but a healing one that draws out toxins and calms the skin. Doing a facemask can help soothe anxieties while reminding you that you are taking time for yourself. They also are very healthy for your skin.

Read a good book…or two

Reading books has become a thing of the past. We’d much rather curl up and watch funny Tik Toks or scroll endlessly through Instagram. But that is the problem behind most of our stress during the pandemic. We see nothing but COVID-19 news and not enough lighthearted and healthy content. Reading books can fix that and become a healthier source of entertainment than Netflix or Facebook.

Journal or doodle

Being stuck inside all day and night can make for a lot of pent up tension inside of you. Whether you are stuck in a house with four other people or completely by yourself, you need an escape. Journaling can provide you with a place to go or somebody to talk to. Even if journaling with words is not your thing, journal with pictures! Journaling and doodling are creative outlets that can take you away from the real world for just a little bit.


With every gym closed, it is hard to figure out a way to workout without equipment. Instead of stopping cold turkey, find creative ways to incorporate exercise into your new quarantine lifestyle. Whether it is carrying bags of flour up your stairs or doing planks in the living room, exercise will improve your mood, creativity and productivity. Next time you want to binge your favorite Netflix show, do some jumping jacks.

by Melissa Linder

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