The best ‘mac and cheese’ places in Charleston

South Carolina is well known for its Southern charm and rich history but also its fried vegetables and comfort foods like mac and cheese.

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson came up with the grand idea of mac and cheese?

Yeah, that’s right! He bought a pasta machine from Italy, went back home to Virginia to test out his new “casserole recipe.”

Little did he know, Americans would adopt his  recipe and name it “mac and cheese.”

Jefferson may have played a huge role in American history with this because his new recipe made its way to dinner tables, restaurants and has become a signature dish in Southern cuisine.

Charleston, has at least 15 different restaurants that serve mac and cheese as either a side, an appetizer or a main dish.

Godblessthecheese  luckily is going to help you narrow down the five  best mac and cheese places to go to here in Charleston.


Home Team BBQ:

This barbecue hotspot is highly glorified by locals. Its name has found itself on Food Network and ‘Southern Charm.’ It’s where locals get their BBQ and are no strangers to its iconic drinks. But that’s not all. Their craft is really in the mac and cheese, offering both mac and cheese fried balls as well as just a side of the delicious cheesy dish.

Poogan’s Porch

A staple for both locals and tourists, the restaurant itself is Southern food with a narrative that elevates the meaning of Poogan’s. Poogan’s was a name of a dog that made his resting place on that porch. The rest is history.

As for its mac and cheese – the dish is as pretty as its taste. We can’t forget it’s a hot spot of celebrities too.

Poogan’s Smokehouse:

The mac and cheese is presented in a unique fashion – a skillet. Its iron material keeps the mac and cheese hot and delicious.

Lewis’ Barbecue

This the best place for fellow Charlestonian meat lovers and a great place to get some old southern Mac and cheese. Lewis Barbecue’s mac and cheese spices are just right.

by M.E. Sanders

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