13 top interior designers from the South’s design mecca – Atlanta

Atlanta isn’t just known for having the world’s busiest airport – it’s also known for its interior designers. Dubbed the design center of the South, Atlanta has almost as many interior designers as it does passengers passing through Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

With the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center in their backyard, it’s safe to say these designers never run out of creativity! With all the fabrics, wallpapers, accessories and antiques a designer could want – they also have the “Buckhead budget.”

Atlanta is a hub for classical interior design, but there are a few players who like to “spice things up” and add diversity of design to the community.  

Chintz, florals, chinoiserie and velvet are a few staples of the Atlanta design industry and can almost always be found in every Buckhead beauty!

When it comes to designing the classical estates behind impeccably trimmed boxwoods, the following list serves as a rolodex for the millionaire buyers looking to make the home theirs!


Simple with a Southern flare

Clary Bosbyshell may be one of Atlanta’s youngest interior designers, but that doesn’t hold back her creative abilities. Known for her Southern interiors with blues, greens, and the occasional splash of red, Bosbyshell is a force in Atlanta’s interior design community.


Colorful with a classic edge

Known for her ability to add color and flare to a space, Mallory Mathison takes classical architecture and interior design to a new level. Partnering with Atlanta’s premier architect C. Brandon Ingram, all of Mathison’s projects have color, texture, and life that is sure to last forever.


Classic with a collected style

Courtney Giles is the epitome of the Buckhead style – simple yet collected. Giles’ interiors tend to be modest in terms of pattern and color, but her use of antiques and art makes up for it. With that, her interiors appear as if they were collected and created over time, rather than designed.


Bold with a tribal side

With only being in the interior design industry for a few years, Jared Hughes has already left his mark. His use of color and pattern transforms the classic homes of Atlanta into tribal masterpieces – making you want to travel the globe.


Floral with a Southern staple – chintz

With traditional interiors as her forté, Margaret Kirkland is the Queen of Chintz and everything floral. Each space designed by Kirkland is traditional without feeling overly stuffy – which is quite difficult to accomplish.


Simple with touch of texture

One of Atlanta’s most successful interior designers Suzanne Kasler has a distinct style that many have grown to love. Known for her neutral style with hints of pink and other feminine colors throughout, Kasler’s designs seem as if they have come directly from Paris – and look fantastic in Buckhead’s mansions.


Colorful with a classic feel

Lauren DeLoach takes classic beauty and spruces it up with a little bit of color. DeLoach loves using checks, florals, and ditsy prints in her projects across to give them character. Rather than them being in neutral colors, she goes for blues, greens, and reds – giving the spaces an updated feel.


Neutral with a splash of color

Beth Webb gets that if you are going to do neutral you have to have texture and pattern – yes there is tone on tone pattern. On the contrary, one of Webb’s most published designs features a classic chinois scene in shades of pink and mulberry.


Intense with a touch of antiques

With a personal residence almost as popular as her designs, Melanie Turner has perfected the craft of bold combinations. Many of Turner’s projects feature intense murals as well as one-of-a-kind antiques that truly make the spaces she designs unique and special.


Moody with a classic appeal

Barbara Westbrook has a way with making her designs moody yet grounded and not overbearing. Known for her use of vernacular materials, Westbrook has a southern country flare with an updated twist that many have grown to love and want.


Subtle with a lot of architecture

One of Atlanta’s most popular interior designers who has recently stepped out on her own after years of being a partner at McAlpine House, Susan Ferrier lets the architecture of her projects speaks. Her use of scale, texture, and lack of vibrant colors creates a moody environment that lets the architecture do the talking.


Chinoiserie with a Parisian flare

Atlanta’s premier designer when it comes to classic with a touch of Parisian style is none other than Patricia McLean. McLean’s use of traditional wallcoverings in pale blues and greens, as well as antiques collected over time truly sets her apart from others.


Patterned with an English twist

Anna Braund tends to have an English flare in her interiors in the form of floral and ditsy prints, along with soft colors and intense architecture. Braund is very diverse in her designs, as livability rather than style is at the forefront.

by Hampton Slagle

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