16 things only students with a puppy in college will understand

The euphoric feeling of driving home for the first time with your very own puppy and future best friend.


Those first couple of play-filled happy hours upon getting your puppy home are some of the most cherished memories you’ll ever have.


The realization dawns on you that this puppy is the epitome of a newborn human child and needs constant attention.


You set your alarm every two hours to let your puppy out to potty because she can only hold her bladder for a minuscule amount of time.


You wake up at 2 a.m. anyway because she’s wailing like a bat out of hell in the crate, but who needs sleep anyway?


You accept the fact that your puppy is basically a small nugget of narcolepsy and will inevitably fall asleep in any given place and position.


It’s almost impossible to completely focus on your school work anymore with two beady little eyes staring you down.


Puppy energy will get the best of you on some days.


You inevitably spend all of your earnings on dog food and toys because spoiling your dog is the only way to go.


Sometimes you just have to say ‘screw it’ and bring your puppy as a study buddy to the library.


You’re finally able to take your puppy to the dog park once it has reached a reasonable age


The friends you make at the dog park are your ‘furrever’ friends.


You plan your day-to-day activities around your pup so that she gets plenty of exercise and attention.


Baths for your precious pup are necessary – and usually result in the both of you getting wet.


Being away from your goofy pup even for a few hours has you missing her as if you’ve been separated for days.


You take your dog everywhere you go, and she becomes your road trip buddy.


You have your stressful days with each other, but you will eventually form an inseparable bond that you would never change because in the end you two are a team.


by Missy McConnell

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