5 things you should know about gun control

I know. We’ve all gotten numb to the almost-weekly news alerts:  “Another shooting…” flashes across our screens, and we question how this can still be happening.

As a nation, we are living in uncertain times, and the  president is doing less and less to prevent us from thinking mass shootings are going to be the new normal.

Too many Americans  are still not seeing how a trusted form of gun control can be beneficial to our country.

But here are five facts that can break down the relationship America has had with guns since “eligible” white men in the late 1700s were first ordered to carry them.


1. In 1792, a law required all white men to buy a gun.

That’s right, during the formative years of our country, it was required that all eligible white men had to own a gun and be a part of militia.

The guns they had were registered under state laws. There is still tremendous instability in our nation among young people, and that there is a fear and threat of outside influences taking over.


2. Modern gun control has been around for a while.

When the sale of alcohol became prohibited in the 1930s, a new federal law limited the sale of machine guns and sawed-off shotguns.

This reform of the previous gun laws was the first step to the modern gun control laws that are still being implemented today in America.


3. There are non-profits for gun control.

Right now, there are non profits that are doing something for the gun community – Gun Owners of America, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and Everytown for Gun Safety to name a few.

These are just some of the nonprofits that you can donate to in order to get behind gun control and to act in your community.


4. The Second Amendment isn’t a free-for-all.

Yes, there is the “right to keep and bear arms,” but it’s not an unlimited right. This amendment was written 1791, a very different time in America. Today, we are not fighting wars, instead we fear what might happen to our friends and neighbors when they go to church, school or event.  


5. Gun control laws might save your life.

Sure, that might seem like stating the obvious, but it’s also been proved that gun controls are needed to protect women from domestic abuse and even stalkers who pull guns on them.

It’s already a scary world out there, and we don’t need anything else adding to our list of stresses.


by Rebecka Lindahl

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