11 ways to DESTRESS as a broke college student

Students know college is an exciting time. It’s filled with new experiences, new people and new opportunities. However, students also know college can suck. The loads of homework, the plethora of projects, and don’t forget the exams! We get it. Here are some tips to help relieve stress without spending your savings.

Have a Netflix & Hulu marathon

Watching too many episodes of your favorite show can make any bad day better. Sit back and enjoy the show!


Eat at your fave restaurant

A mac-and-cheese burger can be the cure to any sort of stress. Comfort foods are the best!

Get organized

Cleaning up your dorm room and writing in your planner just might help you feel more confident and prepared for the upcoming week.




A bike ride, a walk in the park or trip to the gym can make your mind clear and sharp. Endorphins are good for the brain.

Do activities


Explore your college town and see what it has to offer. The local farmer’s market, a cute café or even an art gallery are some ideas for hangout spots.


Run a bath

A face mask, some candles and bubbles will never leave you feeling overwhelmed. Pick up a bath bomb if you’re feeling extra stressed.

Make a trip to the salon

Look good, feel good! Sometimes a haircut and a mani-pedi can help you feel relaxed and renewed.


Write in a journal


Jotting down your thoughts is a good way to decompress and reflect. It can help get you through stressful times more easily.


Make a playlist

Listening to your favorite songs can help boost your mood. It’ll distract from all the assignments you have.


Plan a vacation

Classes can be hard, but they’re only temporary. It’s helpful to have something to look forward to at the end of the semester.


Talk to someone

If you’re having trouble managing your stress or anxiety, talk to someone. Whether it’s a friend or a professional, a support system can help.


by Karolyn Brown

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