5 reasons to visit Krakow

When people think of going abroad, their minds rarely think of Poland as an option.

I know mine did not.

Students who study abroad usually go to Italy or Spain, but more need to give Poland a chance.

When I chose a study abroad program in Poland, I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Krakow, Poland, is definitely an underrated city, and studying there was an amazing experience.

Here are five reasons why you should visit too.


THE best bagels

It can be a struggle to find a good bagel anywhere but up North. I did not have trouble in Krakow, though, considering they were invented in Poland.

There were plenty of street vendors selling different types of bagels for an extremely cheap price, and they were amazing!

There was also a very good bagel shop called Bagel Mama that had a wide variety of bagel sandwiches. The menu could not have been more extensive.


Food trucks galore

Krakow also had plenty of food truck parks open daily that offered a wide variety of food.

For  people with dietary restrictions, these parks are a good place to go because everyone can find something they like.

These parks had trucks ranging from coffee, hot dogs and acai bowls to chinese, an irish pub and many more.

My personal favorite was the French Takos. Fries, chicken tenders and cheese in a wrap? Say no more.


Interesting history

Krakow is also very rich in history. After a tough time during WWII, Poland was taken over by the Nazis and lost a strong sense of its national identity. This caused a long struggle throughout the Nazi reign and even after, but Poland managed to stay united.

If you stay in the Old Jewish Quarter, you can hear a lot about the history as there are plenty of tours running through it explaining how Jewish people were gathered in the square.

Also, Auschwitz it is not too far outside the city. The chilling memorial gives insight to the horrible conditions Jewish people and many other groups endured.

It is also a reminder of the hard times Poland went through and how it worked so hard to recover and forge a strong national identity.


Currency is cheap!

Did someone say affordable? Poland is the perfect place to go if you are tight on a budget.

Its currency is called the zloty, and when it is converted into U.S. dollars, it is extremely cheap. You can buy all the great food and go shopping without feeling guilty because one zloty translates into about 27 cents.


Great nightlife

There is always something to do in Krakow – especially at night.

Krakow is home to one of the largest medieval main squares; when walking around at night it is impossible to get bored or miss something to do.

Whether it be club promoters pointing you in the right direction or enjoying street performances with a big crowd, you are guaranteed a fun time.

by Maura Wiley

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