5 ways music is the best thing ever

We all need something consistent in our lives to rely on, and music is just that.

Whether it’s background noise, your favorite get-ready song, or a track to get through your multi-hour car ride back home, music is there every step of the way.

And here are five ways music can get you through your best or worst moments.


Helps calm your nerves

Say you’ve had a super stressful day – your boss was crazier than normal, you got a speeding ticket, or you forgot to shave one leg.

We all have days like this, and music is always there to calm our nerves.

Turn on your favorite playlist, pour yourself a glass of wine and draw yourself a bath. Allow music to be your therapy.


Helps with workouts

We all have days we just dread working out.

Get on the treadmill, and blast your most-listened-to song of the week.

Music is the perfect distraction for working out. It will help that 20-minute run go by in the blink of an eye.


Helps you escape reality

Are you in search of the perfect escape? Music is the perfect answer.

If your work schedule is crazy or school work is just too much, there are so many music genres that can give you the escape you’re searching for.

Certain songs may even stir up memories to give you that happy, soul-filled mood you’ve been searching for all day.

Fun at festivals

Festivals are always the perfect venue to listen to all kinds of music.

They are usually the most fun, exciting memory-filled weekends a person can experience.

Do you see your favorite artist on a lineup? Get yourself a hotel room and buy your ticket! Odds are you’ll discover so many other artists you didn’t even know excited.


Boosts your self-esteem!

So you ate an obscene amount of Oreos™ , gummy bears – and any other thing you could get your hands on – and now you’re not feeling so hot.

It happens to the best of us, but don’t let it ruin your night.

Invite your besties over, blast Demi Lovato’s new song and have yourselves a dance party.


By Marie Forehand

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