Honeydew melon is a terrible fruit, and I’ll prove it to you

It is very rare that when customers order a fruit salad at a restaurant, they receive one without honeydew melon.

It is also rare that they receive a fruit salad where more than 50 percent of the fruit in the salad isn’t honeydew melon.

Some brush off this obvious offense; others feel rightfully outraged by this fruit swindle.

Customers attempt to make the healthy choice with fruit salad, instead of chips or fries, as the side item. But this choice too often leaves them disappointed.

The money spent on a supposed fruit salad that should include berries of all kinds at the very least, basically goes toward some large chunks of honeydew with a few grapes sprinkled on top.

Honeydew often steals the show when it’s present (and it is always present) in a fruit salad, and not because it is so delicious.

Read here for four reasons why it is a terrible fruit.

by Hayley Murray

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