See why Charleston’s next food trend is poutine-alicious

I have a feeling I might be ahead of the curve on this one, but poutine is going to be HUGE in Charleston.

Yes, we’re talking about French fries and gravy.

Canadians have done it for years, and even though I haven’t been to The Land of Maple Syrup to experience it myself, they’re onto something good.

The best in the city was at The Watch Rooftop & Spirits, the restaurant atop one of 2016’s Hottest Hotels, The Restoration on Wentworth.

The item has since left the menu, a blood-boiling realization that will haunt me for years to come.

With my favorite platter no longer obtainable, I’ve been forced to scour Charleston for the remaining Quebecois delicacy dishes still available.

Read on to learn why my standouts – Jack’s Cafe, Sweetwater Cafe, The Macintosh and The Darling Oyster Bar – make the grade.

by Dawson Acorn


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