Your guide to the best coffee in the Holy City

Whether a tourist or local to Charleston, there is great coffee to be had all over the Holy City.

It would truly be a disgrace if one missed out on the incredible coffee shops this city has to offer.

Whether you are into new hip, modern shops or cozy hole-in-the wall options, Charleston has both – plus everything in between.

The variety of specialized drinks that are made are an experience in themselves and something you’ll be talking about for days after you go.

Each with a different culture and setting, they all provide the finest coffee, tea and food using local ingredients found right here in Chucktown.

Here are my top five according to their diverse offerings and comfy surroundings – including Mercantile & Mash, The Harbinger, The Rise, The Eclectic Cafe and Brown’s Court Bakery.


by Maddie Hammond


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