Avoid these social media vacation mistakes

 Whether you are sipping a tropical cocktail or sun bathing by the pool, we get it – you are on a fabulous trip and want to show us everything.

What you are doing on an island might be cool to you, but to your followers it is just another half-naked picture on their timeline that they mindlessly scroll through.

It’s time to take a moment and realize that you are on a crazy vacation (along with thousands of other college kids) and you do not need to experience it through a phone screen.

If you do not Instagram for the likes, then by all means post that drunk bikini picture, but if you care what people see then here is a list of 5 things that you can do to up your social media game during spring break or any vacation.

Less is more

The most common spring break mistake is over posting and flooding timelines with “belfies” and selfies.

One bikini picture is enough no one wants to cares about your swimsuit change so do not spam their timelines of your newly bronzed bod.

Instead give your followers a break and grace them with less beach photos of the vacation that everyone is aware you are on.

Think about it this way, before you press post ask yourself what you would like to see on your timeline and decide if your photo is just a little too much.


Tell a story, not just selfies

Social media is such a great tool to document your life and share your “experiences” with the world.

When posting avoid telling the story of your face.

Broaden your horizons and snap pictures of where you are staying, what you are eating and drinking, the occasional picture of your outfit, or even an aesthetic picture of the scenery!

Your grid should be the full experience of your vacation, not just pictures of your face.


Follow a theme

A pleasing grid attracts new followers and keeps your current followers happy.

As you plan your posts try and keep an aesthetically pleasing theme, such as a main color scheme of blue or do something in patterns to keep an organized and attractive page.

Use this trip as a chance to re-vamp your grid and craft your voice and story on Instagram.

People are always interested in what other people are doing, so don’t spam their feed with pictures of yourself and lose their interest.

Try and make your followers jealous of your Instagram grid and your trip, not of how you look in your pictures.


Remember once it’s up, it’s not coming down

This is the tale as old as time, be careful what you post on social media because it will always come back to haunt you.

If you are hoping to have a successful career in the future, then maybe skip out on the bedazzled beer bong picture and just save that thought for your memories.

For your family’s sake bringing shame to the family name via Instagram might not be the best way to go down, so please just be careful.

It is very simple before you post just think, “would my mom be proud of this picture?”

Unless you have the fun cool mom, then it might just be a lost cause.


Take a social media break

Be grateful for your life, you are on an incredible trip and have no worries considering you are still in college and not the real world yet, so experience it fully.

Put down your phone every once in a while, because no one needs a play by play on snapchat or your Instagram story…sorry to burst your bubble!

The less you post, the less stress you will feel to be accepted by your social media community, so take this time to enjoy life and worry less about what others think of you and your spring break.

Life through a phone screen is no life at all.


by Mikayla Ceraso


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