Stay healthy with these hacks for busy people

There are plenty of tips out there for staying healthy despite leading a busy life.

But in the grind of everyday appointments and to-do lists, remembering – or just wanting – to do those can be tough.

So here are three easy hacks that will help you stay healthy without too much extra effort (and if you want to head to the gym to work off some of that stress, by all means, do that too!)

Sneak in more water

It’s often preached that water is a key component to health and allowing the body to function optimally, but remembering to guzzle those 64 ounces a day is not easy.

To reach this daunting number it helps to create habits (the good kind).

First, make “rules” for yourself that include drinking a glass, or half glass, of water before certain activities.

For example, if you want a cup of coffee in the morning, require yourself to finish a glass of water first.

You can make this a personal requirement before meals, snacking, or drinking alcoholic beverages.

It can have additional benefits like curbing caffeine or alcohol induced headaches and minimizing over-eating.

It seems silly at first, but it does quickly become habit and makes consuming enough water second nature.

For busy, on-the-go professionals or moms, keep a pack of the 33.8-ounce Smart Water bottles in the trunk of your car.

This eliminates the excuse of forgetting your CamelBak or not having access to water while out and about.

Strive to finish two of these each day, using the same bottle as long as you can for eco-friendliness, refilling once mid-day.


When fast food is your only option… 

Whether you are a frequent traveler, workaholic or busy mom, sometimes fast food is unavoidable.

Believe it or not, it is possible to maintain your health even in the drive-thru line if you know what to look for.

Here are three options that help to avoid the fast food blues:

At Chick-fil-Aorder an 8 count of grilled nuggets at 140 calories and 25g of protein, along with the Superfood Side which is loaded with nutritious broccolini, kale and roasted nuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts offers the “wake up wrap” with egg and cheese, coming in at only 180 calories and eight grams of protein.

Burger King now has a veggie burger made with vegetables and grains, which boasts only seven grams of fat versus the staggering 38 grams in a whopper.


NO COOK meal prep

Long, busy days make it difficult to find the time and energy to create healthy meals.

Here are three easy and quick prep ideas that only take a few minutes, don’t make a mess, or require ANY cooking!

  • Overnight oats

This grab n’ go breakfast option makes mornings a breeze.

They’re healthy, inexpensive and are conveniently portable.

Here is a wonderful recipe for beginner overnight oaters!

One of the best things about this easy meal is that you can add on different toppings each morning to keep it interesting so that you don’t get sick of it.

They can even be used as a post workout snack or drizzled with honey and sprinkled with dark chocolate chips for a healthy dessert option.

  • Freezer to crockpot chicken fajitas

Take from freezer, dump in crockpot…it doesn’t get much quicker or easier than that!

The prep includes just placing all ingredients in a freezer bag.

It is most efficient to prep several all at once, that way you have prepared three to five meals that will all come in handy on those days you have no time to cook!

This can be tailored to include different spices and veggies to your liking, and can be served in tortillas or over rice.

Adding salsa, sour cream, guacamole, or a sprinkle of cheese are all great options as well!

Find the recipe here!

  • Mason jar salads

This new trend has become popular for good reason.

The layers stay separate, avoiding soggy lettuce. Plus, they’re easy to grab on your way out the door and eliminate the need to eat out at restaurants where overeating is likely.

The options for these are endless, but here is one chicken taco mason jar recipe to get you started!

by Chelsey Szlam




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