7 tips to make college life easier

As students transition from high school to college, life can get a lot more challenging.  From school work, jobs, paying rent and just life itself, things can begin to weigh heavy on you and cause a ton of stress.

However, there are some things than can be done to relieve some of these pressures and make your time in college a little more tolerable.

Manage your time

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Once a student enters college, he is given much more freedom to choose how he spends his time.

There will be a copious amount of choices, and it’s important to experience as many things as you can, but remember why you are going to college in the first place.

Plan free time activities around classes and school work. Set out time to study and do homework but also leave some personal time for yourself.

Go. To. Class

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There will be many times you don’t feel like going to class, or there will be more interesting things to do instead, but not going to class will only create more stress for yourself.

It’s hard to do well in a class you never attend.

So just go. It’s really easy.

And whatever else you do for that hour is going to cost you a lot more in time trying to make up for that missed class, so I’ll say it again – just go to class.

Build relationships

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While you’re in class or at your dorm, make a new friend. Sit by someone new and engage in conversation with them.

Don’t just sit at your desk looking at your phone. Be open to meeting new people. You might just meet someone that could help you out later on in life.

At the College of Charleston, there are several different ways that students can interact with each other to build stronger relationships with their fellow classmates.

Join clubs and organizations

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It’s important that while you’re in college, you broaden your horizons.

Take the time to join a new club that you might be interested in.

It will create opportunities to meet new people and open you up to new experiences.  Those experiences could lead to future job opportunities.

The College of Charleston has a variety of clubs and organizations that appeal to its wide spectrum of students, so take a second to check them out and find one that interests you.

Don’t procrastinate

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It’s important to stay on top of your school work and other obligations.

Your college experience will be much more enjoyable if you give yourself time to get your work done instead of cramming it all in at one time.

Get a planner to help organize yourself so you know what’s due and when. The College of Charleston wants its students to stay on top of their assignments.


In order to encourage this, the College provides several different services that cater to the students in order to help them achieve academic success.

Stay healthy

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Your personal health can easily start to take a hit during college. You stop eating right, exercising and start to experience drinking alcohol. These poor health choices can lead to struggling in the classroom.

Exercising is a good way to relieve stress that classes can put on you.

Eating right will keep your body well-nourished and your brain fresh. A good way to be successful in your studies is to have both a sound mind and body.

The College of Charleston provides several different locations for students to stay active.

Have fun

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The most important part about college is to just enjoy it.

We all know it’s important to get good grades and make our parents proud, but it’s even more essential to enjoy the time spent in college.

These are the times when some of our fondest memories and greatest friendships are made.

So study hard and make good grades, but take some time to stop and soak it all in because these will be the best years of your life.

by Odell Funicelli

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