Gluten free? No problem. These 9 delicious places to eat in Charleston are for you

Those with a gluten allergy understand the daily struggle of finding a place that will cater to  frustrating food needs. Fortunately, Charleston has a wide variety of options to offer.

Whether or not you share this food struggle, I highly recommend these 9 places:


Mellow Mushroom

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Everyone loves pizza! For those who had to remove this delicious comfort food from their diet should know that Mellow Mushroom offers a completely gluten-free, and dairy free list of  delectable pizzas. This gluten-free pizza is highly recommended by celiac food critics.



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Upscale Southern cuisine offers an extensive gluten-free menu, including mouthwatering gluten-free bread to start off the meal. It is a celiac’s dream with the vast menu and exquisite quality. One must experience this privilege of eating a classic southern meal without having to worry about dietary restrictions.


Caviar & Bananas 

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This gourmet grocery, deli, and cafe is an ideal place for anyone with any kind of dietary restrictions. The variety of options include sushi, cheese boards, design your own sandwiches, and create you own salads. Ideal place for on the go breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Five Loaves Café 

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This highly varied menu caters is recommended for anyone looking to eat healthy, and especially those who are gluten-free and vegetarian. Each option on the menu is intricate and unique, and is appetizing to all kinds of food lovers.



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The authentic Vietnamese and Thai restaurant is well known for its full gluten-free menu of alternatives to the popular plates such as noodles, salads and stir fry dishes. Gluten-free customers appreciate the alternative options in order to enjoy the savory taste of thai spices.



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This make-your-own-salad and wrap place is an ideal lunch or dinner destination for gluten-free people because each ingredient is gluten-free, or has a gluten-free alternative. It is especially promoted for its delicious and wide array of gluten-free salad dressings, and as many know, this is hard to come by.


Queen Street Grocery 

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With a wide variety of breakfast and lunch food, Queen Street Grocery caters to all kinds of people. Whether you would like to indulge in a tasty gluten-free crepe or a meaty sandwich, Queen Street Grocery will also offer a gluten-free cookie to finish off your meal.


Persimmons Cafe 

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Soup, salad or sandwiches, they have it all! It is very conscious of celiacs and offer alternatives to it’s infamous sandwiches such as the adult grilled cheese. It also has fancy and thirst-quenching drinks such as basil lemonade to enjoy alongside the ideal gluten-free meal.


Cupcake Down South 

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All celiacs and gluten-free people deserve to treat themselves with a dessert. Cupcake Down South offers various types of all natural, gluten-free cupcakes as well as cake pops. Delicious gluten-free deserts are hard to come by, hence why Cupcake Down South perfected cupcake is a must have. Many brides have recommended it’s delicious and unique catering.

by Serena Menges

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