5 best albums for practicing yoga


by Mara Fields

I am constantly searching for great music for practicing yoga because music is an integral part of my practice, as it is for many in the yoga community.

In fact, yoga and music festivals have become popular in the United States over the past two decades.

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One of the most popular yoga festivals, Wanderlust has partnered with Adidas to host dozens of yoga festivals in the United States and abroad during the upcoming months.

Music adds another level to the physical practice of asana (postures).

Scientific American reported in June 2014 that music changes the way you think. Scientists discovered that subtle features in music elicit personal and specific patterns of thought and emotion for listeners.

It make sense then, that music can help yogis on their journey of self-realization. It has proved to be beneficial and meaningful to people of diverse cultures.

Practicing yoga to these five albums has changed the way I think and brought me hours of joy on my yoga mat.

Give them a try and see what music works in your practice.


5. “Nothing is Sound” – Switchfoot

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Switchfoot is an alternative rock band from San Diego, California, currently working on their tenth studio album.

Nothing is Sound, album No. 4, is one of my favorite albums to practice to, especially if I’m feeling blue.

The album speaks to the souls who feel out of place in a world that is unjust, violent, and filled with darkness. It is honest and hopeful, and if you only listen to one song from this album, let it be “The Shadow Proves the Sunshine.”

It will be sure to brighten your spirit.


4. “Sound and Color” – Alabama Shakes

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Alabama Shakes released, Sound and Color, their second album last year.

Alabama Shakes will rock and roll you through your yoga practice with lots of soul.

The voice of the lead singer alone will blow your mind and pull you deeper into the music and the movement of your body.


3. “Viva la Vida” or “Death and all of his Friends” – Coldplay

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In an interview with the Guardian, Chris Martin, lead singer and pianist of Coldplay, said his daily routine includes an hour of yoga.

He even asks the question whether politics would change if politicians listened to certain music.

I don’t know the answer to this question, but I am hopeful that it would.

That is why I recommend this album to yogis and politicians alike.


2. “Head Full of Dreams” – Coldplay

38509-59348 - Fields Mara - Apr 8, 2016 1201 AM - a head full of dreams

Yes, another Coldplay album, I can’t help myself.

Many people saw Coldplay’s performance with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl, but the short performance could not capture the full feel of this album, which is a celebration of life.

With a song titled, “Color Spectrum” this album is sure to take listeners through a range of emotions.


1. “Chapter of the Forest” – Trevor Hall

38509-59348 - Fields Mara - Apr 8, 2016 1201 AM - chapter of the forest

Trevor Hall is a native to the Lowcountry, hailing from Hilton Head, S.C.

He made his nationwide debut in 2007 when his song “Other Ways” was featured in “Shrek the Third.”

But he is also a popular voice in the yoga community and will be traveling with the Wanderlust festival in the upcoming months, sharing his love for music and yoga.

After Chapter of the Forest’s 2014 release, I had it on repeat for weeks. No exaggeration, I have listened to the album at least 100 times.

For me, there is no question, this 59-minute album is the ultimate for practicing yoga.

Inspired by time Hall spent in different forests when he was on a break from touring, the title of the album reflects its content.

Chapter of the Forest represents the relationship between man and nature, and it is truly awe-inspiring.

It’s the perfect depiction for B.K.S Iyengar’s famous quote about the practice: “Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”












































































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