Secret treasures you never noticed at the Magic Kingdom

by Nadia Wilds

Walt Disney World is full of subtle magical touches waiting just around the river bend for those true Disney fans to discover.

Standing in the humid Florida weather can make anyone rather be under the sea than a land walker, so, Disney Imagineers decided to put in interactive activities for guests to do while waiting in lines, as well as fun details to find around the park that are just shy of perfection.

To make your Disney vacation just a spoonful of sugar, here are a few bear necessities you need to check out while in the Magic Kingdom.


1. Haunted Mansion scavenger hunt


For all those foolish mortals who dare to enter the Haunted Mansion, there is always room for one more, there is a hidden wedding ring just dying to be found in the mansions’ cemetery.

Just before you enter the mansions’ ghouly doors, you have no choice but to wander through the stand by line conveniently located in the cemetery.

While making your way around the graves, do make sure to stop a while for the challenge of finding the hidden wedding ring that once belonged to the notorious bride Constance who axed all of her husbands.


2. Hidden Pascal and pals


Making your way through Fantasyland you will come across Rapunzel’s quaint little village, which just so happens to be the perfect resting spot.

While waiting on your family to finish with their bathroom break, go and help Rapunzel find her trusty chameleon sidekick Pascal and his friends.

There are about 10 of the little guys hiding in the meadow, and although some may be easy to spot, keep in mind they are chameleons and change color.


3. Harmony barber shop magic


Welcome to the Magic Kingdom, you take your first step through the awning, leaving the real world and entering a world of fun and fantasy.

There’s no doubt that you want to look your best on this special day, after all you will be visiting the castle, but no worries because tucked away in the corner of Main Street U.S.A you will find a tiny hidden barber shop that is fully functioning.

So come on in and have a seat while they make you over into the prince or princess you truly are, there may just be pixie dust involved.


4. Nothing but the Kingdom for miles

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.49.39 AM

No matter how tall the roller coaster, you won’t be able to see the outside world once inside the kingdom, a nice touch designed by Walt himself that most people never notice.

Walt Disney wanted to create a place where guests could feel like they entered into a different world when visiting the kingdom, a place where worries just disappear.

Traveling to the kingdom, you must leave the cars behind and take the ferryboat or the monorail to cross over the mote surrounding the kingdom.


5. Main Street U.S.A is designed after Walt’s hometown.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.48.10 AM

Walking through the kingdom the first sight to be seen is Cinderella’s beautiful castle with the adorable buildings of Main Street leading up to its majestic figure.

Main Street is the hot spot for the parades and fireworks shows that the kingdom holds as well as the best place to shop.

Guests spend so much time on this street, but many have no idea that it is actually modeled after Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline Missouri.


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