11 ways to be a great leader in business

About to graduate and worried about how to be a leader in world that’s full of them? Keep reading.

Making your mark in the business world is full of challenges, but it’s nothing you can’t prepare for. Follow these 11 tips and you’ll be golden.

So here are just a few tips to help you discover the leader in you.


1. Know your style of leadership

This may be the biggest piece to becoming a great leader because you have to know how you work so you can know how to lead.

The Internet is never short on quizzes, so while you’re trying to decide which Kardashian you are, you may also want to find out your leadership style with a myriad of quizzes.

2. Have Confidence

Through the good and the bad of day-to-day business, it is important to stay calm and confident, showing that every situation is nothing you can’t handle. This gives your team the assurance to go back to business as usual while you handle to hard stuff.

When things get tough you will have to have the courage to get through them because the pressure will be on you as the leader. Plus think about who wants to follow someone who isn’t courageous?

3. Master communication

Success in any business revolves around the ability to function and coordinate among all involved the purpose and mission of the company. This is accomplished through communication from the top down and among each individual on each level.

The ability to communicate important information is vital in order for each member to know what is expected and how to reach the goal presented. If you are the one giving orders, it is therefore important to understand how to relay a message or purpose in a clear way to your intended audience.

But never forget how important is for others to be able to communicate back with their thoughts or questions. Let every voice be heard.

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 4. Take responsibility

Being a leader is not easy because you will be pulled in so many directions and expected to do so many things. You will be watched intensely and held at a higher standard then other employees.

Taking responsibility for all that happens in the operation is a reflection of you. So as the leader it is important to always take on your responsibilities and be responsible for all that happens in the business. Although this sounds tough, being the leader is also great when things go well because you get created for that too.


5. Be Committed


“Never ask an employee to do something you wouldn’t do,” said Christina Foster, Chick-fil-a growth and development director.

This gains so much respect for you and your business. Take the time to jump in on the front line and work with your employees because that shows them the commitment you have to the company.

Leading by example will create a motivation for your team to work harder and strive to make the business better.

“Without our great leaders who dedicate themselves to this restaurant and its employees then we wouldn’t be one of the best in the market,” said Daniel Dickerson, a Charleston-based owner of a Chick-fil-a franchise.

Always stick to any promises you make to your team because that too gains their respect and makes them want to work even harder for you.

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6. Know how to inspire

Creating a vision and set of goals for a team to follow is very important in making the business successful.

Make the team feel part of what is happening in the business and that things can’t be accomplished without them. They need to be rewarded in ways beyond just their pay in order for them to invest more into the company.

But don’t ask your employees to do more than they can handle or it will result in less quality work. Always be positive with your employees, thanking them for all that they do, continuously lifting them up.

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7. Maintain a positive attitude

Having a positive atmosphere creates a place where people want to be and look forward to doing their best.

Doing whatever you can to keep the energy level up is crucial. Employees really notice the mood of their leaders and that affects the flow of the business. Happy leaders equal happy employees.

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8. Learn to delegate

In order to have the most successful business, there needs to be a high level of trust among the people involved because everyone needs to work as a team.

Strong leaders hand out specific tasks to employees instead of taking on more than they can handle, which will negatively affect the overall quality of the business.

Recognize the strengths of each individual when delegating tasks in order to make the business the most successful


9. Implement creativity

Every leadership position requires making quick decisions at some point, and this is when your employees will be counting on you most.

So this is where your ability to be creative comes into play. You have to learn to think quickly and be able to make the best decision for the business.

Another way to be creative is in finding motivational factors for your team or in making your meetings more effective. There are a wide of options to create the best business and a lot of that comes out of just being creative.


10. Have some humor

When things don’t go as planned and tension begins setting in, then it might be time to lighten up the mood.

When it’s appropriate, try bringing in some humor to relieve some tension in order to bring people back to a level of calmness. People will remember that you are the one that makes things feel better after the hard times of business.


11. Accept feedback

Don’t be afraid to take action and get results.

We all want to know how good we are doing so ask your boss or your board but also your employees what they think of your leadership skills. This is the only way to improve and make yourself fit better in your company

Retired business executive, author, and chemical engineer, Jack Welch, also believes in the importance of preparing to be a great leader.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”


– by Caleb Lowe


  1. This was an excellent list. I especially liked #6. Every great lead that I can think of has had the ability to inspire the people around them to strive to better themselves

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