10 reasons why I love to hate Pure Barre

Osorio Katherine - Nov 24, 2013 1256 PM - Sign

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pure Barre, y’all, for a workout you will love to hate…again and again and again.

1.) Walking into the studio, you are confronted by a glorious treasure trove of all the workout clothes you could possibly ever want. Sadly, you have to walk away because look, this pair of yoga pants costs more than like 3 weeks worth of groceries.

Osorio Katherine - Nov 24, 2013 1256 PM - Clothes

2.) Pure Barre’s slogan: “Lift. Tone. Burn.” If you find it to be simultaneously beautiful and horrifying, that would be about right.

Osorio Katherine - Nov 24, 2013 1256 PM - Lift Tone Burn

3.) Who could have thought that 2-lb. weights could hurt so much? But I must say, I’ve noticed my arms getting noticeably more and more “swoll.” Is that what the kids say nowadays?

4.) All the little motivational things the instructors say. If you think we’re all “stronger than we think we are”, that’s fine, but I start begging to differ right around the beginning of thigh work.

5.) Chair pose= wall sits x 1,000,000. This is really where you feel the burn.

6.) Being able to hold the plank for the full 90 seconds now makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Next step: moving right into straight-arm planks without coming down to my knees first.

7.) Yes, I do sweat like a pig every single class, while everyone manages to look as pristine at they did at the beginning of class. But this only means that I’m working hard.

Osorio Katherine - Nov 24, 2013 1256 PM - Sparkle

8.) Backdancing, aka pelvic thrusting. It might sound and look kinda weird, but trust me, it’s so worth it. And it’s super fun.

9.) When I first got into Pure Barre in September, the average class was maybe 10 or 15 people. In these past almost-3 months, this has blossomed to a healthy 20, sometimes more. It’s great that people are getting in on this, but I like my floor space.

10.) At the end of the day, I have to say that even though Pure Barre hurts, it hurts so good. 

Osorio Katherine - Nov 24, 2013 1256 PM - Comic

-by Kat Osorio


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