5 transgender people who represent the community more than Caitlyn Jenner

by Alex Taks **** Caitlyn Jenner famously came out as transgender in 2015. This was shocking for many and a huge step forward for the transgender community – or was it? Jenner isn’t exactly role model for the transgender community in any sense. Her experience is quite unique.  She had immediate access to Hormone Replacement […]

Op-ed: The supposed ‘party of family values’ is overlooking major flaws in its candidate

The race for the White House took a turn for the unusual when reality television star Donald Trump announced in June 2015 his plans to run for the presidency. And in the time since, the Republican Party – which has often dubbed itself the “party of family values” – has dug its own grave, and […]

Three reasons you should be upset over North Carolina’s bathroom bill

A North Carolina law just made it illegal for a transgender individual to use the public bathroom that does not correspond to his or her birth sex. The city of Charlotte passed nondiscrimination laws that involved “public accommodation,” referring to equal access to gender-specific areas. In response, lawmakers passed what has become known as “the […]