7 non-tourist spots students should visit in China

It is often hard for students to find original, interesting places to visit when studying abroad in China. Instead of going to the most tourist-packed spots, students should go off the beaten path to experience the history, culture and different adventures China has to offer. Whether it be informational tours, performing arts or physical activities, […]

A happy medium for carriage companies and Charleston locals

Charleston horse carriage companies are creating dangerous situations for not only the horses but also the residents of Charleston by offering year-round carriage tours. If the horse carriage companies would  only provide tours during the holiday season when weather is cooler and there are fewer people driving and walking around downtown, this could be a […]

Avoid the touristy spots and see these Barcelona gems instead

by Hannah Cianci Defined by quirky art and architecture, imaginative food and vibrant street life, Barcelona is one of the top 10 best cities in the world. Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, “Barna” as it’s known to the locals, has impeccable year-long sunny weather that attracts many tourists from all over the globe, making it […]

Top touristy places to avoid in Charleston

In its third year of being ranked the top place to visit in the United States, Charleston is no stranger to tourists. And while the Holy City has plenty to attract the bigger crowd, it is just as happy accommodating the smaller groups. But the key to a great experience isn’t going to all the regular touristy places; […]

6 don’t-miss activities while in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has been off the radar for quite some time, but thanks to some National Geographic and Huffington Post buzz, this city is the new hotspot for globetrotters. Dining at sunset, scaling mountains and cage diving with sharks are just the beginning of a list of activities that Cape Town has to offer to […]

7 reasons why Charleston needs ashtrays

Watching tourists toss their cigarette butts onto the beautiful streets of Charleston used to infuriate me. It took me nearly five years of living here to realize that it’s only half their fault. Charleston’s lack of public ashtrays is hurting the Lowcountry, and people need to know. Here are seven reasons why ashtrays in the Holy […]

Charleston No. 1? Not for everything.

– by Alexandra Blair   Condé Nast Traveler rated Charleston, S.C., the USA’s No. 1 City for three consecutive years. Though Charleston may be aesthetically appealing, there are a few things Condé Nast may have overlooked. 9 reasons Charleston may not be the No. 1 city in the United States