5 steps to take in your 20s that will lead to success

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by Kaitlyn Hipple****

Living in your 20s is a time for risks, growth, and self discovery. 

These are the times to take adventures and develop strong habits that will lead to success in the near future. 

While some might call their 20s a “defining decade” in their careers, others take this time to discover their true hobbies and passions in life. 

It’s the perfect age – you are young enough to respect other people’s experiences but old enough to know not to take anyone’s bullsh*t either.

Here are a few steps to bring you just where you’re meant to be at this age. 

Take healthy risks 

Your 20s are a time where you have all the freedom to take risks and not deal with the consequences if you were older or younger.

You have the space to make mistakes and learning experiences that trigger extreme growth.

Dream big, and do not be afraid to fail. It will all be and life will continue to go on…you might just become a little wiser along the way.

Thriveworks.com says “Travel far and often.”  

Form Strong foundations 

It is normal to not have an exact direction for your career path when you are in your 20s.

However, it is important to gain expertise that will enhance your skill set and set you apart from others. Building important connections in a field you are interested in pursuing a career  is also important. The more connections, the better.

“The first 10 years of your career have a strong indication on how the rest will go,” Dr.Meg Jay says in the New York times bestseller, The Defining Decade. 

Be flexible 

This is a time where you may have to do the dirty work and the undesirable tasks that will one day pay off.

Work hard, and be open to all of the different wonders life has to offer.

Deep Patel, of entrepreneur.com, says your 20s “are a time for figuring out the blueprint for your life.” 

Do not burn any bridges or say no to something because you are unfamiliar or scared. Being open and flexible will expand your network and bring you to amazing destinations— near and far. 

Save your money 

Saving money at any time in life is hard, but it is particularly difficult in your 20s.

Up to your neck in student debt, entry level job salary, and trying to build a good credit score can feel impossible!

Setting a budget and making strong efforts toward spending will pay off big time for decades to come.

Sean The Money Wizard, a blogger for businessinsider.com,  saved $100,000 in two years due solely to investments. 

Setting financial goals will help you to plan for the future, and give you a good credit score you will be so thankful for down the line! 

Uphold good habits! 

As young people, it is often difficult to eliminate all bad habits. Drinking, smoking, and not enough sleep are just among many.

However, building structure in your life will help to keep you on track and overall live a better life.

Making strong efforts to implement healthy habits into your everyday life – whether that is daily exercise, healthy eating, and proper rest each night – will do wonders for long-term health and wellness.

Learning to properly cope with stress and uncertainty will be extremely beneficial in the long run as well. The New York Times suggests that weighing yourself, cutting back on sugar, and learning to cook are among the most important healthy habits to implement. 

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