5 ways to stay motivated for Finals Week

The dreaded time after Spring Break always approaches rather quickly. For that wonderful week away, you were  able to shut off your mind and not worry about school work.

And with the coronavirus completely interrupting the semester this spring, getting back on track has been even tougher.

But the pure bliss of freedom is still just a reach away if you follow this list of tips on how to stay motivated in the final stretch of classes.


Stay organized 


Finals are here, and now is the time to stay motivated. Start by making a list of all the projects and tests for finals week. If using a planner was not a priority, try it again. A fun motivational planner will help keep you on track. This will help lessen the chance of missing an assignment. The feeling of crossing things off that long-dreaded list has no better feeling.


Implement a routine 


The clocks have sprung forward, and the exhaustion has started to kick in. After weeks of online learning, the crave for summer has hit. Staying in a routine is key. Routines are good for the soul and allow you to prioritize what means the most. Build in time with friends, grab an ice cream or take a nap all between crushing those last assignments and tests of the year. The uncertainty of what is coming next is no longer a concern with the implementation of a routine.


Care for yourself 


Self-care is important to keeping motivated. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of finals, taking care of yourself is just as important as those assignments.  Self-care keeps your mental health in a stable mindset. Pamper yourself with face masks or a spa day. If the weather is nice, take a walk. Exercising gets endorphins flowing and gives another reason to buy a fun new gym outfit. Grab a new workout outfit and get outside -.


Study in scenic places


Although the end is near and soon studying will be put to a halt, you are not done yet. The best way to study is somewhere with a scenic view. Whether that be at the beach or overlooking something pretty, the view will make a world of difference. Check your local state parks for wifi before heading to your favorite spot. Grab your friends and make it a date. If you’d rather study alone, a pair of AirPods and a nice view will have you feeling more accomplished than ever before.


Reward yourself 


After hours of studying and staying busy, take time for yourself. Make larger tasks into smaller tasks. After each task, reward yourself with something of your choice. If you are 21, treat yourself with a glass of wine. If not, pick up that Chick-Fil-A sandwich you have been craving. Making time for things that are important and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself is vital for success. So meet up with friends and let your mind wander away from your schoolwork. The best way to stay focused is to not let yourself get overwhelmed and distracted. Your goals have been set, now crush them one at a time.

 by Haley Davis


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