7 reasons to get a miniature goldendoodle

In a world filled with every dog breed you can imagine, I want to convince you that the miniature goldendoodle is your most practical and your most fun option! 

In my book, miniature goldendoodles are just the best all around. They are not superior in only one category concerning the quality of a dog, but rather they are excellent in every category. 

They are great for the old, the young and everyone in between- only highlighting a small fraction of what makes them so very marvelous. 

Here are some of my favorite reasons I think a miniature goldendoodle would best suit YOU:


For my family, this was a deal-breaker. My dad and sister both have severe allergies, so a dog with regular fur was not going to suffice. Because goldendoodles are a hybrid breed, there are different types of cross-breeds, meaning that some combinations might accommodate your allergies better than others. For example, we have an F1B miniature, so he is 75 percent poodle and 25 percent golden retriever. 

Almost no shedding

I don’t know about you, but there is not much that frustrates me more than a house covered with dog fur. Not only does goldendoodles’ lack of fur contribute to their accommodation to allergies, but it makes for fewer chores and a cleaner house. The trick is to get a goldendoodle that has a larger percentage of poodle than golden retriever in its genealogy.  

Smarts of a poodle, playfulness of a golden retriever

Do you want a dog that you can adequately train but can also be affectionate and loveable at the same time? Then this is the perfect dog for you! Not only can my puppy retrieve and obey, but  he also loves to be held.  

Perfect size

As fun as some larger dogs may be, they can become rather cumbersome. Accidents are bigger, and they eat more food. On the other hand, really small dogs can be really cute but also boring. They often just lie around all day. Miniature goldendoodles are the perfect size because they are not too big and they are not too small.  They are just playful enough and just relaxed enough. On average, they are around 15 to 20 pounds.

No slobber

Who likes to be licked in the face by their dog? Not me! This is such a wonderful trait of my family’s miniature goldendoodle. I want to love on my dog, but I would prefer to not have the germs from his saliva all over me. 

Great cuddle buddy

Nothing beats falling asleep with a sweet cuddly puppy. Miniature goldendoodles can serve as great companions, which is often one of the primary reasons people opt to buy dogs. They will follow you around all day to lie next to you, sit in your lap, or take a nap. I love waking up next to my soft, curly friend. 


Can adapt to most living situations 

Do you live in an apartment? Do you live in a big house? Do you have a yard? None of your answers to these questions matter because a miniature goldendoodle is perfect for all situations! Its size and its moderate temperament are perfect for running in the yard and lying on the couch.

by Juliana Morehouse

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