Top five budget-friendly shoes that still make a fashion statement

Summer is over and fall is here.

That means it’s time to ditch those flip flops and slides and lace up your kicks.

Buying stylish shoes might be hard since prices have increased over the years on all of the popular brands.

Here’s a list of budget-friendly shoes that’ll have you fresh when you’re on your way to class.


Nike Air Force One

Nelly dedicated a song to this timeless pair of shoes in 2002.

They’re clean and simple, and you can match the right pair with an endless number of outfits.

A regular pair would range from $90-110. A more exclusive pair would go for at least $120 – but both would be worth it.


Air Jordan 1 Mid/Low

The first shoe in Michael Jordan’s signature line is a classic, neat shoe that’ll be sure to turn heads as you’re walking down Saint Philip Street.

The low-top and mid-cut versions of the shoe are more affordable than the high top retros but just as stylish.

The low tops go for $90, and the mid cuts range from $110 to $120.

They might have been banned from the game in 1985 for being too flashy, but they are certainly not banned from making a fashion statement.



This is a shoe where there is a style made for just about anyone.

With a wide selection of shoes that are either at or under $110, like the Puma Clyde or Puma Suede, Puma has great models that can complement any nice outfit.

Puma also does many collaborations with designers, companies and artists, including the recent collaboration with the late Nipsey Hussle and his TMC clothing brand.

Let your marathon continue with a fly pair of Pumas.



You can never go wrong with a pair of Vans; they practically look like sneakers!

Vans makes shoes for every season and they are many different affordable styles to fit your needs.

Vans has done many collaborations with different brands and figures in pop culture.

They can be found in just about any shopping mall, and most styles cost less than $100.

Whether you’re longboarding to class or walking down Calhoun Street, there is a style for everyone.


Saucony Originals

With vintage clothing making a comeback, a pair Sauconys could be the way to go.

Their Originals collection has many models and colors to choose from.

Pairs range from $55 – $120.

This brand isn’t as popular as the ones mentioned before, but it is still a stylish shoe and can complement any outfit.

Don’t sleep on this underrated brand, especially when it comes to vintage wear

by Bryce Warner

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