My favorite ‘Into the Gloss’ Top Shelf posts

Into the Gloss is the brainchild of Emily Weiss, who is also the founder of the growing Internet-born brand, Glossier. 

Aside from the often beauty-related content, the New York-based blog has created a series called, “The Top Shelf.” 

Inspired by the photos spread across platforms like Instagram, Into the Gloss interviews and photographs notable people and their bathrooms. 

The posts also feature an accompanying interview where the person of interest walks the reader through their beauty routine and their philosophy behind it. 

I thoroughly enjoy these posts and even created my own series out of it on my blog.

Below are my favorite Top Shelf posts.

Emily Ratajkowski 

This may have been one of my first interviews I read with Emily Ratajkowski, model, actress, etc. I believe it’s because of her that I tried a Kiehl’s cleanser and ended up falling in love with it. I love Emily because she’s a true California “cool girl.” You know the types. I also love her taste in makeup because she uses Charlotte Tilbury, just like I do. 


Nam Vo 

Honestly, I had no idea who this woman was before reading her post. I knew I was intimidated by her and her glass skin. I mean, just look at her! I have so much respect for her and her dedication to her skincare routine. That dedication is something I follow in my everyday life too. Nam Vo inspires me in her stories on Instagram. I’ve followed her advice and recommendations that have cost my wallet some pain but they’re worth it. 

Lindsay Peoples Wagner

Peoples Wagner’s Top Shelf was one of the first posts I’ve ever read. I still skim over it occasionally because I always learn something new. Lindsay’s lived the true life of a journalist in a changing media world. She also uses a balanced assortment of high end and drugstore products that I respect. 

Jena Goldsack

I don’t follow a lot of models on Instagram, but I followed Jena after reading her Top Shelf. I found myself enjoying her narrative because she highlighted her ethnic background and went in depth about the havoc flying and travelling can wreak on your skin. She knows her stuff about keeping her skin hydrated. I was also a sucker for the tiled walls in the background of every photo. 

Bec Wilson

Wilson’s post was really interesting because it gave great insight and explanations into the world of PR and what that career actually looks like. I loved her commentary about beauty, skincare, and life. She uses some of my favorite brands and has such vast amounts of knowledge on taking care of her skin. I go back to her Top Shelf as well because I still have so much to learn from this ‘beauty vet.’  She also worked alongside Charlotte Tilbury, my favorite makeup artist of all time. 

Jonathan Van Ness

I truly appreciate what this man has done on his Netflix show, but I also appreciate his ability to educate the masses about taking care of themselves with skincare. His personality is vivacious but his intentions are pure. I admire his natural ability to encourage better habits in personal care. 

by Hannah Rawles

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