5 charities in South Carolina to donate to this holiday season 

The holidays are an exciting time for many people but can be less exciting for those in a less fortunate season of life. 

A lot of charities and non-profit organizations rely upon the generosity of others during this time of the year to provide their services to those who depend on them. 

Individuals and families often look for ways to spread cheer as the holidays approach. 

While there are non-profits nationwide and globally that I highly encourage everyone to look into and assist, there are also many local state organizations that count on the community. 

Here are five charities and organizations to donate to this holiday season that serve their local community. 

The Family Effect 

The Family Effect is based out of Greenville. 

Their mission is to reduce addiction as the leading cause of family collapse. 

One of their efforts includes Serenity Place, which provides housing and support for mothers with addiction. 

Children are also a main priority for this organization, and The Family Effect provides a safe place and counseling for kids. 

The coach of Clemson football Dabo Swinney is committed to supporting this cause through Dabo’s All-In Team and has provided statistics that show the effect of addiction in Greenville County. 


Fountain Inn Kids Enrichment Center

Fountain Inn Kids Enrichment Center is based out of Fountain Inn near Greenville and focuses on children who come from abusive households.. 

Fountain Inn Kids Enrichment Center offers free meals, tutoring and a safe place for children to  build life skills. This organization hopes to give these kids opportunities that they might not get at home. 

Here is a list of programs that help these kids that are supported by donations. 


United Way

United Way has many different branches including a Greenville branch for the upstate and a Trident branch for the low country. 

United Way hosts a “Day of Caring” where hundreds of projects are completed by volunteers to better their communities. This one linked in particular highlights the service around Charleston. 

I participated in one of these projects myself where we did a “trash pick-up day” and cleaned the streets of Greenville. 

United Way supports many causes including financial assistance for those who show need, educational support and health related problems. 


Harvest Hope 

Harvest Hope, based out of Greenville, is a food bank that provides meals for the homeless.

This organization is requesting donations by money, time or volunteer work. 

Here is a link to their volunteer page where you can get more information about volunteer and donation opportunities. 


Fisher House Foundation

Fisher House is based out of Charleston and provides military families a “home away from home” free of cost while a loved one is in a hospital. 

The houses are usually located within walking distance of the treatment centers. 

Donations help the daily operations of housing these families. 

Here is an inspiring story from this foundation out of California that we hope inspires people to donate to their own state as well. 

by Megan Leigh Moore 

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