9 ‘must-dos’ before graduating from College of Charleston

The College of Charleston is a special place to go to school. It is a community of extraordinary beauty and rich history.

Time flies by when you’re having fun, especially during college, and before you know it your time at the College is coming to an end.

As graduation approaches in little over a month, you might realize you have not done all the things you wanted to do.

Whether you plan on visiting Charleston again or do not know when you will be back, here are nine things to do as a student before you graduate

Go on a ‘ghost tour’


As Charleston has a lot of history and that includes being called the most haunted city in America.

As beautiful as Charleston is during the day, you have to explore the city at night to uncover the spooky past lies beyond the cobble stone streets and palmetto trees.

Check out Ghost City Tours to learn more about the different tours of the Holy City.


Enjoy a sunset at Shem Creek

As hard as it is to leave the peninsula, you have to make it over to the Shem Creek boardwalk in Mount Pleasant.

There is nothing better than being on the water and watching a magnificent sunset. There are many restaurants along the water where you can enjoy delicious food or just a refreshing beverage.

It is a great place to go with friends and enjoy being out in the fresh air.


Attend ‘2nd Sunday’ on King Street

US News & World Report named King Street as one of top shopping streets in the United States, saying that “this historic avenue pulses with pedestrians in search of the perfect outfit or gift.”

Not only is King Street great for shopping but it is also great for getting a bite to eat and socializing.

The second Sunday of every month is a time to walk freely without cars zipping by, eat delicious food and pet as many dogs as you possibly can.


Eat Southern BBQ

Charleston is known for having good food and BBQ is one of them.

There are BBQ places scattered all over the city, and if you’re unsure of which to go to, you can check out the top 10 reviewed places here.

If you’re not from the South then you must try some southern BBQ before you leave. Whether it be a pulled pork sandwich, corn bread or just some sweet tea and coleslaw you have to give it a shot.


Walk the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

If you can run the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge , you are incredible. For those of you who do not consider running as your strong suit, you definitely should walk it once, if not more, for the beautiful views.

Do it during a sunny day with a breeze or right at sunset. Either way you get to see the Charleston peninsula from a different perspective.

When you are at the center and highest part of the bridge, you get to take in the scenery of the place you have called home for the past four or so years. Take it all in and enjoy the views.


Go to the Charleston Farmer’s Market

Right in the heart of Charleston in Marion Square lies the Charleston Farmer’s Market every Saturday.

There is a wide variety of food and beverages, as well as different kinds of crafts and gifts.

This is a fun place to come with friends, family or pets and enjoy some freshly squeezed lemonade or scrumptious breakfast burrito.


Take a ride in a bike taxi

What a fun way to get around! If you have not done this already you should take a bike taxi around Charleston, even if it is just down King Street.

You get to be outdoors, observe what is happening downtown and you might even learn something new from your biker.

Not to mention it is an eco-friendly way to travel! Helping the earth!


Take a photo in the Cistern Yard in front of Randolph Hall

Let’s hope after a few years of attending the College of Charleston you know how beautiful this school is. But if you need confirmation, it was voted America’s Most Beautiful College in 2017.

Before graduating college, get dressed up or don’t, and take pictures with your friends in front of this historic building.

This is the place you remembered most from touring as a high schooler, and this is the place you will remember when you see your diploma hanging on the wall.


Celebrate at ‘A Charleston Affair’

The last and final thing you should do as a student is celebrate your commencement at A Charleston Affair.

You have worked so hard over the years and are reaching a big milestone in your life; graduating college!

There is no better way to celebrate your accomplishment than going to “A Charleston Affair” and being with the many friends you have made and the people who have changed your life.

by Christine Andersen

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