7 tips to having a great flight

Flying can be tough.

Try some of these tips on your next journey and see where they take you.


Pick your favorite seat


Most people skip over the step when the airline allows you to choose a seat. A lot of the seats you can choose from come at an additional cost, but on many flights you can get lucky. Whether you enjoy the aisle for optimal leg room, or like to look out the window to calm yourself down after a long trip, it is essential you pick the best seat for you.

Check in early

If your airline requires checking in the day of the flight, do it right away. This allows early boarding so you can fit your bag in the always-full overhead bin. This will also keep you out of the baggage line that can cause many travel delays.

Use your mobile wallet for the boarding pass

With recent technology continuing to amaze, you can now get all of your boarding passes on your mobile devices. After check-in, there is  a button that will automatically add the ticket to your phone. Just scan that at the boarding gate, and boom, you’ve boarded. Piece of cake.

Bring snacks!!!

The airlines claim they have snacks and drinks available, but who wants to eat the same boring pretzels over and over for hours on end? They offer meals and upgraded snacks for a charge, but it is not worth it. Buy your own snacks on the way to the airport or buy them at the newsstand 100 feet away from your departure gate. This is a necessity for any flight over two hours.

Download movies, shows to your laptop before the flight

Airlines are starting to carry more and more movies and television shows on their tiny headrest screens. I prefer using a larger screen that I know how to control and know exactly what I am going to watch. And sometimes the flight will “run into difficulties” and you will be out of luck with watching any entertainment. Charge your devices and download as much as you would like beforehand.

Get some sleep

Flying is the perfect time to catch up on sleep. The night before a flight can be tough because you may have an early flight or you stayed up wondering if you forgot to pack anything in your suitcase. Use the flight to close your eyes and rest so you can feel refreshed when you land..


Be courteous of other fliers

For some people flying is tough. Some people are scared to fly, are nervous bringing their child on a flight for the first time, or a variety of other reasons. Offering assistance to those who look like they are in need can help the flight go a lot smoother. Helping somebody lift his/her bag into the overhead bin can help the boarding process move quicker and really help someone who may be having a tough day.

by Jonathan Noyes

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