11 things every CofC student should check off the bucket list

Have you really even attended CofC if you haven’t done these things? No.

Located in “America’s #1 City,” the College of Charleston, a public liberal arts university located in Charleston, South Carolina, was founded in 1770 and has had a rich history ever since.

Students come from all over the country  – and world – to attend this outstanding college in one of America’s most outstanding places.

While many students only spend four years attending the College, there is so much fun to be had in a short amount of time.

Charleston and CofC have so many fun and unique opportunities students must take advantage of, and here is a good start:

Cheer on Cougars basketball in TD Arena

As a Division I program, the College of Charleston men’s basketball team has had much success in furthering the College’s national reputation.

In 2018, the team reached March Madness in the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 19 years in a thrilling victory naming the team CAA Champions.

The student section goes crazy during the CofC home games. Make sure you wear your maroon and cheer on your fellow Cougars on our home turf, TD Arena.


Pull an all-nighter in Addlestone Library

We’ve all been there.

A stressful week full of assignments and papers and almost no time to do them.

Might as well spend the night in the state-of-the-art Addlestone Library.

You’ll be joined by many fellow students and the security guards might even have to escort you out when the library closes for the night.


Take a swim in the Pineapple Fountain

While Waterfront Park is one of Charleston’s most visited tourist attractions, it is also a popular spot among locals.

The fountain, which towers the middle of the park, catches visitors’ eyes immediately.

While it’s not deep enough to fully submerge yourself in the water, the Pineapple Fountain is a perfect place to take a little dip.

Act like a tourist but boast being a local while you cool off on a blazing summer day.


Have a picnic in the Cistern Yard

The College of Charleston is the 13th oldest college in the United States, which gives it a rich history.

Some of the buildings have historical significance dating back to the 18th century.

Completed in 1829, Randolph Hall is the College’s most iconic building.

Enjoy a picnic while fawning over the site’s history and beauty in the picturesque Cistern Yard that sits in front.


Shop at the weekly Marion Square Farmers’ Market

Here in Charleston, we are lucky enough to have access to so many local producers and farmers, making this weekly event in Marion Square a wild success.

Peruse the different vendors, grab a coffee and enjoy local bands as you stock up on produce for the week.

CofC students are fortunate that this incredible market is located just a block from campus, so take advantage of its weekly occurrence in the spring, summer and fall!


Take an afternoon stroll on the Arthur Ravenel Bridge

Connecting downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant, the Arthur Ravenel Bridge is iconic for its design and functionality.

The eight-vehicle lanes and two pedestrian lanes allow for transportation of any type.

While the walk from campus to the bridge can seem like a hike, the views from the midpoint of the bridge are worth it.

This is something you’ll want to experience at least once.


Watch the sunset at Morris Island Lighthouse

Just a 14-mile drive from downtown Charleston is the Morris Island Lighthouse, located a quarter of a mile away from the shore of Folly Beach.

This classic black-and-white lighthouse has withstood hurricane after hurricane in Charleston and is a popular spot among locals.

Not many tourists visit the semi-hidden location, so make sure you grab your flip-flops and head to the beach to see this beautiful spot.

Check the time of the sunset before you go; you won’t want to miss the view of this one!


Attend an oyster roast

A timeless Lowcountry tradition, oyster roasts are part of what makes Charleston so iconic.

Oysters are brought in from all over the world, and there is a roast almost every weekend in the Charleston area.

Grab some crackers and a shucking knife and head out for an afternoon full of slimy fun.


Spend a year living in a historic house

When you live and attend college in one of America’s oldest and most historic cities, it is easy to take for granted the city’s history and surrounding beauty.

We attend classes in historic houses, we walk down cobblestone streets on our way to class and we see horse carriages trot past us every single day.

Living in a historic house is one way to immerse yourself in the true Charleston experience.

How many other times in life will you be able to live in a house that was built in the 1800s in one of America’s most beautiful cities?


Indulge in some of Charleston’s best restaurants

Charleston is known to be one of the most “foodie” cities in America.

From classics like Husk, Magnolias and Halls Chophouse, to more casual dives like Persimmon Cafe, Gilroy’s and 167 Raw, you can’t go wrong.

Don’t waste all four years only eating in the campus dining halls; venture out an enjoy some of Charleston’s exquisite cuisine.


Cross the Cistern wearing white on Graduation Day

A uniquely College of Charleston tradition, wearing white for graduation and walking across the Cistern is part of what makes CofC so special.

One day you’ll get to cross the Cistern and leave your collegiate days behind.

But there’s no denying that you’ll always be a Cougar at heart.

by Whitley Taylor

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