7 ways to get in the holiday spirit

As the holiday season quickly approaches, it can be tough to feel the holiday cheer. Between family gatherings, busy work schedules and buying gifts, the stress can often take over.

As an adult, the holidays can easily lose their magic when Santa no longer brings gifts to your tree.

These tips and activities can help any Scrooge fight through the stress and get excited for the holidays!



The satisfying smell of a live Christmas tree, twinkling lights and shiny ornaments set the perfect scene of a home filled with holiday cheer.

Although the idea of decorating may be scary, these tips can help create a stress-free decorating experience.

It is never too early to start decorating.


Start baking

The true beauty of the holidays is the calories that accompany every party, dinner and event.

Calorie-counting disappears when the turkey and Christmas cookies come out.

Join in on the sugar-induced fun by baking some treats like these.


Turn up the tunes

Christmas music is an easy way to lift up your spirit!

The cheerful beat of holiday music can bring joy into any situation.

Check out this Spotify playlist with all the best Christmas tunes.


Have a Hallmark marathon

Sometimes a good movie is all it takes to raise someone’s spirit. Hallmark’s schedule is posted, and these movies offer holiday spirit that is contagious.

Grab some friends and hot cocoa, and settle down for a festive film.


Plan a gift exchange

A gift exchange is a fun way to get everyone in the mood for the holidays.

Organizing a gift exchange can provide opportunities to connect with friends and family even if they are not nearby.  

There is even an app that makes organizing the exchange simple!


Make a difference

The holiday season is an opportunity to be generous to friends, family, or even charities.

Be creative with gifts and make a difference this Christmas.

Try helping the environment with a gift like this for family and friends.


Remember the magic

Christmas brings joy, love and magic into people’s lives throughout the season. The excitement does not have to end as an adult.

Need a reminder of this magic?

Check out this article for a look at what Santa is up to as he prepares for Christmas. Keep the magic alive this holiday season!


by Anderson Murphy

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