Top five surf spots in the Northeast

When you think of surfing in the United State, you think West Coast.

California has been the forefront for America’s surfing pioneers for decades.

What people don’t know is that the Northeast is also home to an infinite amount of great waves.

These are the best spots for planning a surf trip to the Northeast.


Long Beach, New York

As the home of the first-ever ASP professional surfing competition on the East Coast, Long Beach (not the California one) is just a 45-minute train ride from Manhattan.

The ASP winner, Western Australia’s Owen Wright, took home the largest pot of cash ever handed out in a surfing contest. But what he remembered most were the incredible waves

“This wave reminds me of one of my favorite point waves back home,” Wright told the New York Times after the event.


Manasquan, New Jersey

This heavy beach break will shock most surfers by the size and power of this wave.

And if there are waves, they arealmost always big and barrelling.

Located in Monmouth County, surfers tend to flock here when there are any rumors of waves on the way.

“I went home over the holidays and actually went down to Jersey for a couple days and it was going off. It was so good.” said professional surfer Balaram Stack of Long Beach.

The town has a long surfing history, and  Manasquan high school won its fourth-straight surfing contest in 2017.


Montauk, New York

Located on Long Island’s east end, Montauk has been a legend for surfing in New York.

Right next to the glitz and glam of the Hamptons, Montauk is a madhouse in the summer.

Once fall comes around, this place is a ghost town of endless waves.

Montauk is the most consistent wave in New York and has endless spots to find hidden gems.

Stop by the famous Lighthouse for fun surf, or if you get really lucky, you might be able to see the break turtles, which can get up -to –20 feet.


New Port, Rhode Island

Ten weeks out of the year surfers get opportunities to score waves of a lifetime here.

Some call it the best spot north of Cape Hatteras, N.C., when there are waves, but the problem is that isn’t too often.

But hurricane season brings spitting-barrels that will numb your face.

Built by Colonial Rebels, the locals keep that same spirit as they protect their precious, seasonal wave.


Ogunquit, Maine

Pack up an RV and head out here if you’re looking to catch clean, fun waves without a soul in sight.

Maine has more coastline than any other state in the Northeast and is one of the last places in the United States you can camp out, surf and be alone with the environment.

Located on the southern coast, Ogunquit has been Maine’s prime surfing attraction for decades.

by Owen Sculley

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