5 reasons to invest in Canada’s cannabis stock

While the legalization of marijuana in Canada this past October may sound wonderful for anyone who likes weed, it was really great news for people who like to make money.

That’s because thousands of people had been buying tons of cannabis stock, making it a great investment.

Strict federal guidelines may keep profits to a minimum, but the legalization is expected to also bring in millions of dollars in taxes for the government and could be a gold mine for stockholders.

While some financial experts believe the stocks will be too volatile to be a good investment, the following five reasons are why you should take the risk and buy stock in a cannabis company.

Stocks are rising

Due to this new legislation, cannabis corporations such as Aurora and Canopy have each gone up nearly 60 percent in the past month.

This could yield a massive return on any investment.

Experts advise investment

About 80 percent of analysts have said that Aurora and Canopy are wise choices for investment

This is great news because analysts aim for long term investments.

Continued potential

Canopy Growth is leading the frenzy after Constellation Brands (Corona, Svedka) invested $5 billion into cannabis-based products with Canopy.

This shows the massive potential that cannabis has on the market.

Proof is in the pudding (er, drink)

India Globalization Company recently came out with a weed-infused drink, and the stock went from a measly $2.70 to $13.50, bringing massive profits to stockholders.

Canopy Growth is expected to make a weed-infused drink in the near future, which could be another huge jump to its stock.

Safety net

Cannabis stocks have shown to be predominantly steady. If stockholders buy stock before legalization, the chances of losing money are slim.


by Austin Jackson

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