How you know you have the best dog

Dogs are loyal. Everyone knows that.

And that’s probably why they make the best pets.

For you cat lovers – or maybe even fish/rodent/reptile pet lovers – you have to admit, there really is no better pet-as-friend than a dog.

But if you want bragging rights for having the best dog, here’s how you can tell.


Never have to come home to an empty house

When you get home he’s always there to welcome you back.

Whether it has been five minutes or five hours, you are greeted with kisses and jumps.

Dogs experience emotions just as humans do, they have the ability to love and feel attached.

Never worry about sleeping alone again

Who needs a boyfriend when you can have a cuddle puppy?

Additionally, every morning is better waking up to that sweet face.

Starting your day with good energy is the best way to have a successful day.

A man’s/woman’s best friend

They will never leave your side, and they beg for you not to leave theirs.

Dachshunds are rated as top 10 for being affectionate and never leaving your side.


Always down for adventure

Whether it be a quick walk or a long stroll on the beach, dogs are full of energy and won’t pass up an opportunity to get some exercise.

Just like us, dogs need exercise so they can be their happiest and healthiest selves.


Time spent tanning won’t be time spent alone

Dogs enjoy lying in the sun as much as we do.

Vitamin D is important for dogs, just as it is for us, helping to regulate phosphorus balance and calcium.

Dogs get the nutrients from Vitamin D when they groom themselves after lying in the sun because the chemical on their skin gets converted to this vitamin with the help of direct sunlight.

Best support system

You can look to your dogs for comfort and love.

Dogs have the ability to sense emotion, including sadness.

Playing with a dog stimulates happiness.


Never fail to brighten your day

All the cute things your dog does instantly warms your heart.

Dogs are very clever and never fail to surprise you, always reminding you how real their love is.


by Savannah King


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