5 reasons big dogs are better than little dogs

Almost everybody loves dog but individual breed preferences can vary widely.

Some people like very energetic dogs, some like particularly fluffy dogs, some like skinny dogs, some like dogs with lots of extra skin.

But one characteristic that has long divided enthusiasts is dog size.

Many of the most popular breeds of dog are toy-sized while others can weigh over 100 pounds.

Regardless, large dogs generally are the all-around better choice and here’s why:


Big dogs are friendlier

Most people have experienced at least one small snappy dog in their lives, and if they haven’t they most likely haven’t been around many small dogs.

Small dogs are known to be more aggressive than tall dogs, which generally show more affection and playfulness with humans.


More trainable

In a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, small dogs were found to be harder to train than large dogs.

That said, it has been seen over and over again that owners generally do not put the same kind of effort into training small dogs.


Offer protection for you and your property

Large dogs are not necessarily any more or less aggressive than smaller dogs, but they are certainly more intimidating to an unwanted visitor.

Watchdogs can be any size, but if you want a legitimate guard dog for protection, large breeds are the only way to go.


Better with children/less aggressive

Because of their being easier to train large dogs also tend to make better family dogs, especially with small children.

Large dogs are also less likely to deal with anxiety from being around other dogs or strangers.


Have a functional purpose

Saint Bernards were still used as rescue dogs in the Newfoundlands until very recently, Border Collies are used on farms for herding animals, and German Shepards are used as police dogs.

Small dogs once had purposes in hunting but for the most part are only used as pets now.


by Max Moseley

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