3 excuses to ban public breastfeeding that are ridiculous

Breastfeeding in public makes many people uncomfortable.

The media and most of society view women’s bodies as sexual objects; therefore, many women feel shameful about public breastfeeding.

But breastfeeding is a natural act.

Breastfeeding isn’t seen as obscene when animals are feeding their young, so why is it different for humans?

Lactation consultant Sara McCall stated on Breastfeeding USA that breastfeeding used to be the norm in colonial America but when large-scale manufacturing made infant formula easier for mothers to access in World War II, things changed.

The preference for bottle feeding over breastfeeding is still popular in 2017, and many people feel the need to voice their opinion about breastfeeding to mothers who are nursing.

Here are three of the most ridiculous excuses to ban public breastfeeding.

By Emma Jennings


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