13 ways CofC students can get outdoors


When it comes to school work college students are no strangers to late nights, procrastination, mental breakdowns and much more.

It is important for an overstressed student’s wellbeing to take breaks and get some fresh air.

Not only is getting outdoors an easy stress reliever, it can also help students do better in school as it increases their mental states.

Fortunately for CofC students, Charleston is a city filled with many outdoor activities that can accommodate anyone’s interests.

Visit the Battery or Waterfront Park


Charleston is located on a peninsula, and there is nothing more relaxing than watching the surrounding water and feeling the fresh ocean breeze. The Battery and Waterfront Park are both within walking distance of campus. The palmetto trees and Spanish moss can help anyone forget all of his or her worries.


Hike through the Francis Marion Forest


The Francis Marion National Forest is a drive away but great for full immersion in nature. This is the place for people who are looking for more intensive hikes in the outdoors. Filled with many trails, a day in the forest will be an adventure.


Visit the farmers market


The farmers market, located in the Francis Marion square, is convenient for everyone. It is easy to spend hours there talking to the local venders, strolling through the square and watching the dancers amaze you with their breakdancing. This is a great way to connect with the community while treating yourself to delicious treats.


Go to the beach


Soak up some rays at one of the countless beaches located near Charleston. Folly Beach and Sullivan’s Island are some of the students’ favorite. Plus, they are less than a 20 minute car ride. The warm southern temperatures allow the beach to be an option for the majority of a semester.


Run/walk the Arthur Ravenel Bridge


The view from the middle of the Ravenel Bridge will leave you breathless. Not only is this a great workout, but it allows you to view the Cooper River, peninsula and Mt. Pleasant harbor. The cars traveling fast on the bridge create gusts of wind that can cool down the pedestrians. Bikers are also allowed, so transportation on the bridge is not limited.


Support one of the local sports teams


This city may not host any major or national league sports teams, but it is great for local sporting events. The college has many sports teams, such as soccer and baseball, that are enjoyable ways for students to show their school spirit and cheer on their friends. The Charleston Riverdogs and Charleston Battery and the Stingrays are minor league teams that host numerous events throughout their seasons making it affordable for college students.


Paddle board and surf on a river


Water actives are possible for any student who has the want for them. The waves at Folly beach can be big enough to surf, while the rivers can be calm enough to paddle board. There are also outdoor expedition companies that can help accommodate any water sport need. You do not need to be a professional to participate in these activities.


Learn some history at Fort Sumter


Charleston is filled with history anywhere you look. Fort Sumter, one of the more historic places, is only a ferry ride away. You are able to see where pivotal moments of the Civil War took place. If you do not have time for the full experience, there is an informational plaque at the battery that points directly to the fort.


Visit the county parks


Sometimes you just need a break from the downtown area, and the James Island County Park is the perfect refuge. Filled with trails, ponds and dog parks, it can keep everyone entertained. It is great for a leisurely walk or a rigorous run. There are also endless activities as the park hosts many events throughout the year.


Kayak and float in the streets


This city is no stranger to flooded streets due to rain. Instead of using the weather as an excuse to not leave your bed, try taking an adventure in the rain. It is not unusual to see people kayaking or sitting in inner tubes floating down the streets.


Stroll King Street during Second Sunday


This is a fun tradition that occurs during the second Sunday of every month. King Street closes down and the shops and restaurant move outside. As an added bonus, there are infinite amounts of dogs.


Take a walk through the city


Just simply walking through the streets or down a neighborhood is another way to get fresh air. Charleston is one of the most beautiful cities, so even just wandering through the downtown area is never dull. The streets are filled with historic and modern buildings and each one is unique. Stopping by one of the many shops or restaurants can help further the cultural aspects of the city.


Study outside on Rivers Green


Have too much work to even take a break? No worries, Rivers Green, located just outside of the Addlestone Library, offers the possibility to receive some vitamin D while still connecting to the CofC-secure wifi. The close proximity to Starbucks does not hurt either.


by Cat Caplan

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