11 European cities you must see before you die  

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by Chase Hughes

After having been lucky enough to spend last semester abroad, I assure you I know a little something about European cities.

Every one of these destinations is different from the next. If you find yourself wondering where to go in Europe, this is a great place to start.

These 11 are my favorites, with the first on the list being the best.


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This place literally has everything wrapped up in one. Not only is it filled with art and history, but it also has one of the most recognized social scenes in the world. While Barcelonians may lead a slower way of life with their siestas and long meals, the Catalonians (regional area) know how to have fun and spice up your life. I recommend everyone see all pieces by Antoni Gaudi because he left a tremendous mark on every nook and cranny in Barcelona.

Amalfi Coast

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One of the most beautiful places is this coast. You’ve got to eat dinner in the bustling town of Sorrento, and from there you can take a boat to either Capri or Positano. When in Capri, you can get leather sandals specially tailored to your feet and can take a chair lift to the top of the island to see one of the most gorgeous views. In Positano, I suggest that you rent out a lounge chair for the entire day and relax on the rock beach with a beverage in hand.

Interlaken, Switzerland

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While this town isn’t the most easily accessible in all of Switzerland, it is definitely worth seeing. Interlaken is more of an outdoor activities town, so I suggest you either go skiing, paragliding or even sky diving. Once on top of the mountain or in the sky, the views are quite literally breathtaking (bad dum tis). Notice the glacier-blue lakes and rivers. I have never seen a body of water that blue before.


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Amsterdam has such a variety of activities that you need to do if you visit. You have got to go to the Anne Frank Haus. Don’t forget to take a walk through the flower market on your way to pick up some of Amsterdam’s top-notch pancakes. If you are feeling brave I recommend you and your friends briefly check out the Red Light district, just to see what all the fuss is about.


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Even though Paris is one of the more touristy places in Europe, it’s still a favorite. You must visit the Eiffel Tower (duh), the Notre Dame de Chartres, Musee de Orsay, and at least take a cheesy pick with the infamous Louvre structures. The food here is delicious, and if you’re feeling up to it, try a little escargot!


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When I first booked my trip to Florence, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. While the city is on the smaller side, it is jam-packed with rich history and art. The views from the Piazza Michelangelo are a must see, and be sure you go to the Duomo and check out the artwork inside of the dome, you will get chills. And if you’ve got a little extra spending money, the leather markets are hands down the best around.


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This city literally has everything one can think of, including the much-desired English language. While the pound-to-dollar ratio isn’t the best, just walking around the city and seeing all the major sites is worthwhile.

The must-sees include Big Ben, the London Eye, changing of the guards and anything else you’ve already heard about. My friends and I did the walk to each site, and it’s about eight miles, so make sure you’ve got your sneaks on!


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If you happen to visit Munich in the fall, you obviously have to go to Oktoberfest. Even though it may be considered a little touristy, people from all over Germany don their dirndls or lederhosen to drink from their massive steins. The city is rich with culture and beautiful architecture. Prost!


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I went to Prague with no idea what to expect, and it is truly a remarkable place. The Charles Bridge is a must-see, and the massive Prague Castle is a hike but definitely worth seeing as well.

If you go in December make sure you check out the Christmas Markets. They are everywhere and have everything from ornaments to yummy fried dough treats that are sprinkled with cinnamon.


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Rome is another of the more touristy places but also one with some of the coolest sights and of course, the BEST pasta and gelato you will ever have. You’ve got to see all the sights including: the Pantheon, the Coliseum, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevvi Fountain (if its open).


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Being the capital of Spain, M’adrid has a ton of awesome things to do. I highly recommend a bus tour where you can see all of the sights for 21 euros. Visit La Reina Sofia and Museu National de Prado to check out some of the most famous art collections from around the world.


  1. I’m visiting Europe in a few weeks! You’re making me so excited!

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