Best evidence of paranormal activity captured by ‘BuzzFeed Unsolved’

by Ada Jenkins

BuzzFeed Unsolved is a branch-off series from BuzzFeed involving two charismatic hosts investigating the paranormal.

Known as the “Ghoul Boys,” Ryan Bergara is the extremely paranoid one and Shane Madej is the complete opposite, going as far as yelling at and threatening potential ghosts and demons.

The two make a great pair offering comedic relief during investigations with contradicting beliefs and witty humor.

But it isn’t always fun and games as they have run into some fairly convincing evidence of the paranormal where no logical explanation is offered.

Here are the top four ranked most convincing pieces of paranormal evidence that the Ghoul Boys have collected throughout their hit series.

No. 4: “The Captive Spirits of Eastern Penitentiary”

Coming in at number four is a segment from the episode, “The Captive Spirits of Eastern Penitentiary.”

Ryan and Shane use a device known as a “spirit box” in an effort to communicate with the spirit of the late American gangster Al Capone.

He allegedly responds to the Ghoul Boys with some insults and even tells them what color the jackets they are wearing are.

Out of all the spirit box sessions in the show, this is arguably one of the more successful fluent conversations with the “other side” the two hosts have participated in.

No. 3: “The Haunted Halls of Waverly Hill Hospital”

For number three, the episode, “The Haunted Halls of Waverly Hill Hospital,” has some very notable instances.

Ryan decides to toss a ball down a seemingly empty hallway in the dark to see if a ghost boy named Timmy would “play” with them.

When they found where the ball landed, it was sitting right under some graffiti of Ryan’s name.

While it could very well be an eerie coincidence, it still spooked viewers.

No. 2: “The Haunted Quarters of the Dauphine Orleans Hotel”

Placing the episode known as “The Haunted Quarters of the Dauphine Orleans Hotel,” at number two, it rightfully earned its place.

The Ghoul Boys are staying the night in an infamously haunted hotel known as the Dauphine Orleans Hotel when they hear some quite deliberate footsteps above them throughout the night.

No one is on the porch above them and when Ryan confronts the guests staying above them, they tell him they’ve been hearing them too.

No. 1: “The Unbelievable Horrors of Old City Jail”

Ranking number one with the most convincing paranormal evidence happens to be an episode that was filmed right here in Charleston.

Titled, “The Unbelievable Horrors of Old City Jail,” Ryan claims it’s the best evidence of a ghost he’s ever gotten.

Calling it an FBA or Full Body Apparition, Ryan believes one of his cameras caught one of Lavinia Fisher, America’s first alleged female serial killer who was hanged on the property.

He synced up the times on the camera footage with the whereabouts of individuals in the building and there was no one in that room. Very unsettling.

Bonus Evidence: Apple Tater Saga

Just to leave things on a happier note, here is some bonus “evidence.”

The Ghoul boys went to investigate some paranormal activity at the Bellaire House in an episode called, “The Demonic Bellaire House.”

During the investigation, they used a spirit box and recorded the alleged spirits saying the words “spaghetti” and “apple tater” which resulted in a laughing fit between the two.

Things get even better when the Apple Tater “spirit” makes a comedic return in a later episode, “The Spirits of Pythian Castle.” Ryan and Shane find themselves reminiscing on their last encounter with this “old pal” of theirs and it adds a very wholesome touch as the show comes to an end.

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