6 fashion trends for Summer 2022

By Trinity Griffin

After spending way too much time in our loungewear during COVID-19, we are now vaccinated and finally going outside for the summer in style. 

Summer is for conveniently and fashionably showing skin, so this summer is to make up for the lack of skin that has not been shown. 

This means the most dramatic crop tops paired with the lowest jeans, the tiniest skirts, and showing off some of the most scandalous intimate apparel. 

The inspiration behind these fashion trends, the 2022 New York Fashion Week, and they set the bar pretty high. 

Hooked on crochet

OK, knitwear in the summer sounds like a sweaty disaster, but this summer we are showing some skin with airy crochet. 

At the New York Fashion Week, designers are making crochet breathable for the summer rays. 

This means everything from crochet tops, skirts, dresses, pants and vests which show a lot of skin.. 

So, dust off those COVID-19 crochet skills because they are coming with you this summer. 

Cut it out!

Another fashion season, another cut-out takeover. 

Yes, cut-outs are nothing new, but they dominated the New York Fashion Week this year so they’ll dominate the summer. 

And, isn’t this a good thing? 

With the modern issue of fast fashion it’s environmentally wise to be able to recycle your cut-outs for the new season. 

Suit up!

Calling all boss ladies, now is our time! 

Two-pieces, especially monochrome two-pieces, have come into its season.

This means blazers and pants, blazers and shorts, blazers and skirts, but all one color or pattern. 

Could this be a sign of a great female revolution in monochrome pant suits? Let’s hope! 

Our hips can’t lie

As the summer keeps getting hotter and hotter, the skirts will keep getting shorter and shorter. 

And our fashion icons of the early 2000s couldn’t be prouder. 

These nostalgic micro skirts have made a huge comeback, along with the Y2K style

So grab your mini skirt, a cute tiny shoulder bag, along with your favorite halter top and make @TheCheetahGirls proud! 


The big reveal!

Lingerie has now made its way outside too! 

And this is not just for the fashion daredevils, but can be a super stylish trend. 

Bras are being worn as tops paired with high-waisted pants or skirts to give it a more subtle sexy vibe. 

Corsets are also back with a vengeance this summer, best with a simple summer dress or more casual with jeans and a blazer.

Low ridin’

A bedazzled cross on your back jean pocket along with your iconic hot pink whale tail

These are the telling signs of the return of low-rise jeans. 

This is the season of the midriff so these under the belly waistlines are being paired with iconic 2000s crop tops (because of the Y2K boom) and of course, bras. 

But only the most cropped crop tops are acceptable for the full early 2000s drama. 

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